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Valentine Classic

February 9 -10th at Boston University

Women's Full Results & Men's Full Results

Amherst Results

(Women followed by Men and Recap at Bottom of Page)


Women Distance Medley
  2 Amherst College  'A'                               11:52.76 NCAA Provisional 
  Murphy 3:39.2, Levenson 60.0, Millard 2:16.3, Garrahan 4:57.1
Women 5000 Meter Run
7 Garrahan, Shauneen           Amherst               17:12.50 NCAA Provisional  
14 Wilson, Heather              Amherst               17:38.94  NCAA Provisional
Women 800 Meter Run
14 Millard, Maria               Amherst                2:15.26 NCAA Provisional 
30 Murphy, Caitlin              Amherst                2:19.65  
92 Priedeman, Molly             Amherst                2:25.46  
104 Reggie, Mary Doris           Amherst                2:28.18  
117 Benson, Lauren               Amherst                2:33.62  
Women 3000 Meter Run
25 Tropiano, Elise              Amherst               10:04.26  
33 Partee, Kim                  Amherst               10:20.13  
49 Mortimer, Laura              Amherst               10:35.39  
50 Anderson, Nicole             Amherst               10:36.56  
54 Moravec, Katie               Amherst               10:38.84  
79 Dalton, Liz                  Amherst               10:56.89  
Women 200 Meter Dash
106 Rybak, Jennfier              Amherst                  27.66  
137 Baker, Mattie                Amherst                  29.28  
Women 400 Meter Dash
80 Campbell, Hannah             Amherst                1:01.76   
117 Farkus, Cameron              Amherst                1:06.53  
Women 500 Meter Dash
17 Levenson, Carly              Amherst                1:20.33   
25 Silverman, Kate              Amherst                1:22.14   
33 Palacios, Mariana            Amherst                1:24.29   
35 Cheung, Hoiwan               Amherst                1:24.71   
Women 1 Mile Run
33 Galleher, Sophie             Amherst                5:12.30  

Women 55 Meter Hurdles
53 Rybak, Jennfier              Amherst                   9.67   
59 McGinn, Amanda               Amherst                  10.05   
63 Loomis, Kathryn              Amherst                  10.41   
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
20 Amherst College  'A'                                4:08.63    
 Campbell 62.9, Priedeman 63.4, Reggie 62.9, Millard 59.1

Men Distance Medley
 11 Amherst College  'A'                               10:17.07  
 Eubank 3:09.1, Beaty 52.5, Hayman 1:59, Babbott 4:16.3
Men 1 Mile Run
26 Babbott, John                Amherst                4:15.42  
 66 Eubank, Carlyle              Amherst                4:24.63  
  68 Bell, Will                   Amherst                4:24.76  
  73 Swanson, Jimmy               Amherst                4:25.62  
107 Klein, Ben                   Amherst                4:38.55  
115 Grigelevich, Steve           Amherst                4:43.35  
Men 3000 Meter Run
43 Freese, Nate                 Amherst                8:37.05  
  54 Lakehomer, Harrison          Amherst                8:40.83  
66 Harbus, Mike                 Amherst                8:44.52  
 98 Murner, Daniel               Amherst                8:54.32  
106 Wilson, Rich                 Amherst                8:56.99  
128 Aaddison, Joe                Amherst                9:04.02  
155 Fairhurst, Will              Amherst                9:29.00  
Men 800 Meter Run
51 Hayman, Sam                  Amherst                1:57.31  
  86 Stewart, Steve               Amherst                2:00.29  
 87 Cabeza, Rom                  Amherst                2:00.35  
  99 Glustrom, Eric               Amherst                2:01.18  
106 Beaty, Basile                Amherst                2:01.53  
108 Callahan, Kit                Amherst                2:01.67  
Men 1000 Meter Run
38 Kiley, Jack                  Amherst                2:33.98  
40 Anderson, Tommy              Amherst                2:34.34  
 69 Read, Ben                    Amherst                2:48.28
Men 200 Meter Dash
134 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                  25.04   
136 Benson, Pat                  Amherst                  25.15   
Men 400 Meter Dash
152 Shashy, Steve                Amherst                  55.37   
155 Stricsek, Geoff              Amherst                  55.96   
Men 500 Meter Dash
40 Pendergrass, Keith           Amherst                1:10.08    
Men 4x400 Meter Relay
20 Amherst College  'A'                                3:28.23    
 Beaty 53.3, Callahan 52.7, Stewart 51.1, Hayman 50.9



Athlete of the Meet - Eric Glustrom'07 and Carly Levenson'09

The team's headed to Boston to race on the fast track of Boston University in the Valentine Classic - with the men on Friday and the women competing on Saturday, in the last meet before the championship portion of the season gets under way. Taking advantage of the fast, banked track combined with excellent competition from all three Divisions and many "open" athletes, both squads came away with a ton of championship qualifying marks and new PR's. The men's Distance Medley Relay of Carlyle Eubank, Basile Beaty, Sam Hayman and John Babbott finished 11th, winning their section handily. John finished 26th - the best placing for an Amherst athlete - in the mile, running to a huge personal best of 4:15.42 and just missing the provisional mark for NCAA's. In later sections of the mile, Will Bell improved his best time of the season with Jimmy Swanson right on his heels. Tommy Anderson had a great race in the 1000, as he ran under the qualifying marks for NE's and ECAC's and then, in the next section, Jack Kiley - returning from a little injury layoff, showed no ill effects as he blasted to a section win and his best time ever in 2:33, with the duo finishing 40th and 38th respectively. Nate Freese lead the 3000 runners, as he continues to impress in his senior year with yet another PR, this time dipping under 8:40 for the first time. Harrison Lakehomer had a nice breakthrough and just missed breaking the 8:40 mark while Mike Harbus lowered his best time again. In a later section, Daniel Murner and Rich Wilson both broke the 9:00 mark for the first time, while Joe Addison had his best race ever to win his section and just missed breaking 9:00. Sam Hayman posted the team's top finish in the 800, as he ran to a 1:57, while Eric Glustrom - returning from Colorado that afternoon, had a huge race in a later section of the 800 to earn the athlete of the meet for the team. Steve Shashy posted his best marks of the year in both the 400 and in the 200, while Pat Benson was hot on his heels in the 200. The 4 x400 relay of basile, Kit Callahan, Steve Stewart and Sam finished 20th overall, and ran their fastest time of the season.

The women's Distance Medley Relay team of Caitlin Murphy, Carly Levenson, Maria Millard and Shauneen Garrahan posted a runner-up finish in their event (run on Friday night), and got great legs from all four runners and posted an NCAA Qualifying mark in addition to running the fastest time in the country to date. Shauneen placed 7th in the 5000 with a big improvement in time from her early season qualifying time - leading every step of the way, as she won the 2nd section, and heather Wilson finished 14th, and qualified provisionally for NCAA's. Maria - coming off of an outstanding 800 leg the night before, dropped 3 seconds from her pervious best time in the 800, to qualify provisionally for NCAA's and place 14th. In the same event, it was a day of seasonal bests as Caitlin, Molly Priedeman, mary Doris Reggie and lauren benson all raced to their best times. Elise Tropiano nearly broke 10 minutes in the 3k, as she continues to enjoy a breakout season. Also in the 3k, Kim partee returned to the track with a great debut in the 3k, while Laura Mortimer ran a big PR and Nicole Anderson, Katie Moravec and Liz Dalton all raced to their best marks of the year. carly, in addition to running a fantastic 400 leg on the DMR, raced to a new PR, and a 17th place finish in the 500, while kate Silverman, Mariana Palacios and Hoiwan Cheung all raced to their best marks. Jennifer Rybak, despite nursing a hamstring injury that threatened to keep her from competing, posted her best times of the year on both the hurdles and in the 200. Sophie Galleher nearly broke 5:10 in the mile with a great run in that event, in which she placed 33rd. The 4x400 relay of Hannah Campbell, Molly, Mary Doris and Maria raced to their best time of the season, and before the relay, Hannah posted a great run in the open 400.