<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> 2007 Tufts #3

Tufts Invite #3

Feb 3rdh at Tufts

Full Results

Amherst Results

(Women followed by Men and Recap at Bottom of Page)

Women 55 Meter Dash
29      Farkus, Cameron     FR Amherst                   8.29  
Women 200 Meter Dash
16      Campbell, Hannah    SR Amherst                  28.15  
24      Baker, Mattie       SO Amherst                  28.89  
33     Loomis, Kathryn     SO Amherst                  29.53  
34      Farkus, Cameron     FR Amherst                  29.60  
Women 400 Meter Dash
2     Millard, Maria      SR Amherst                  59.55   
6     Levenson, Carly     SO Amherst                1:01.91   
15     Silverman, Kate     SO Amherst                1:03.76  
23      Baker, Mattie       SO Amherst                1:05.76  
31      Darmody, Caroline   FR Amherst                1:09.19  
Women 600 Meter Run
11     Reggie, Mary Doris  FR Amherst                1:44.10  
12     Priedeman, Molly    SO Amherst                1:44.39  
15     Palacios, Mariana   SO Amherst                1:47.64  
Women 800 Meter Run
6     McDermott-Murphy,   SO Amherst                2:20.53   
Women 1000 Meter Run
1      Garrahan, Shauneen  SR Amherst                2:59.28   
3      Galleher, Sophia    FR Amherst                3:04.83    
25      Benson, Lauren      JR Amherst                3:28.03
Women 1 Mile Run
32     Benson, Lauren      JR Amherst                5:46.78
Women 3000 Meter Run
5      Dalton, Liz         SO Amherst               11:01.37    
Women 5000 Meter Run
2     Moravec, Katie      JR Amherst               18:35.35    
4    Mortimer, Laura     JR Amherst               18:43.85    
Women 55 Meter Hurdles
19     Rybak, Jennifer     FR Amherst                   9.98   
23     Loomis, Kathryn     SO Amherst                  10.40  
Women 4x200 Meter Relay
5 Amherst  'A'                                        1:51.97   
   Silverman 28.3, Millard 27.5, Levenson 28.2, Campbell 27.5 
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
3 Amherst  'A'                                        4:09.33   
  Campbell 63.4, Silverman 63.4, Levenson 62.4, Millard 59.9 
7 Amherst B                                                  4:22.95   
    Palacios 66.6, Rybak 64.3, Baker 68.3, Reggie 63.6
Women Distance Medley
1 Amherst  'A'                                       12:30.92   
    Garrahan 3:43.2, Priedeman 64.1, Galleher 2:27.3, Murphy 5:16.2
Women Triple Jump
13     Rybak, Jennifer     FR Amherst                  9.70m   31-10.00

Men 200 Meter Dash
 43    Shashy, Steve       JR Amherst                  25.97  
 46  Benson, Pat         JR Amherst                  26.74  
 Men 400 Meter Dash
 28  Pendergrass, Keith  FR Amherst                  54.84   
 39  Shashy, Steve       JR Amherst                  56.96   
 Men 600 Meter Run
 4   Beaty, Basile       JR Amherst                1:23.35   
 9   Callahan, Kit       FR Amherst                1:25.66   
 13  Stewart, Stephen    SO Amherst                1:26.41   
 16  Foote, Thomas       SO Amherst                1:26.79   
 Men 800 Meter Run
 6     Hayman, Sam         SR Amherst                1:58.55    
 15     Cabeza, Romulo      JR Amherst                2:01.70
 18     Anderson, Tom       FR Amherst                2:02.52
 29     Read, Ben           JR Amherst                2:09.63
 Men 1000 Meter Run
 4     Swanson, Jimmy      FR Amherst                2:34.95    
 5     Bell, William       FR Amherst                2:38.37    
 12     Glustrom, Eric      SR Amherst                2:42.55
 Men 1 Mile Run
 16     Addison, Joseph     SO Amherst                4:35.66
 20     Klein, Ben          FR Amherst                4:41.27
 Men 3000 Meter Run
 6     Eubank, Carlyle     FR Amherst                8:51.46    
 14     Foote, Peter        SO Amherst                8:59.48
 19     Boley, Robert       SR Amherst                9:09.99
 27     Fairhurst, Will     FR Amherst                9:25.91
 30     Grigelevich, Steph  FR Amherst                9:29.47
 38     Sego, Willy         SO Amherst                9:56.17
 Men 5000 Meter Run
 5     Harbus, Mike        JR Amherst               15:14.17    
 6     Freese, Nathaniel   SR Amherst               15:14.47  
 8    Lakehomer, Harriso  SO Amherst               15:18.83  
 12     Babbott, John       SR Amherst               15:30.35
 14     Wilson, Richard     SR Amherst               15:37.08
 17     Murner, Daniel      FR Amherst               15:50.80
 Men 4x400 Meter Relay
 7 Amherst  'A'                                        3:32.90  
  Stewart 54.3, Callahan 52.7, Beaty 53.7, Hayman 52.1  
 11 Amherst  'B'                                       x3:38.42 
 Pendergrass 53.9, Glustrom 56.3, Anderson 54.3, Foote 53.7
Men Distance Medley
5 Amherst  'A'                                       10:39.72   
  Eubank 3:18.1, Cabeza 53.9, Swanson 2:00.1, Bell 4:27.4  

Meet Recap

Athlete of the Meet - Jimmy Swanson'10 & Caroline Darmody'10

For the 3rd time this winter, the teams traveled to Tufts to race against 13 other teams. With classes back in full swing, the team looked markedly different then they had the week before, and clearly the legs found a bit of recovery with the absence of double practices. We got a lot of PR's, and many championship qualifiers, and with one last meet to hit marks for the post-season, the hope is to see the numbers of qualifiers increase. The women placed 4th in the meet, while the men finished 7th overall. Shauneen Garrahan had a hand in the day's only victories for the women, as she dominated the 1000 (running the fastest time in New England so far) and then came back to lead the DMR team of Molly Priedeman, Sophie Galleher and Caitlin Murphy to a convincing win to put a close on the day. Maria Millard, coming back from illness, ran great legs on both the 4 x 200 and the 4x400 relays (along with Kate Silverman, Carly Levenson and Hannah Campbell in each) and then in the middle of the day, also finished 2nd in the 400 - just missing the school record. In the 400, it was a very strong event for the team as Carly, Kate, Mattie Baker and Caroline Darmody all raced their fastest times of the year, and a particular breakthrough for Caroline. Katie Moravec and Laura Mortimer finished 2nd and 4th in the 5k, while Liz Dalton grabbed points in the 3k, where she finished 5th. Caitlin finished 6th in a very competitive 800 race, while Sophie ran the 1000 for the first time, finishing 3rd in a very fast debut.

First year Jimmy Swanson hit the qualifying standards for DIII New England's and ECAC's in the 1000, where he finished 4th before teaming up with carlyle Eubank, Rom Cabeza and Will Bell to finish 5th in the DMR. Basile Beaty, like Jimmy, captured a 4th place finish in the 600 in his fastest time in 2 years, and then joined up with Steve Stewart, Kit Callahan and Sam Hayman to finish 7th in the 4x400 relay. Sam returned to the 800 for the first time this winter, and grabbed a 6th place finish as he ran well under 2:00. Will, before anchoring the DMR, grabbed a 5th place finish in the 1000, and in the 600 - Kit had a real nice race to finish 9th while in the later section, Thomas Foote ran a PR to finish 16th. Carlyle lowered his seasonal best in the 3k, as he finished 6th in a tightly bunched race, while in the next section, Peter Foote would crack the 9:00 barrier, and coming in behind him with their best times were Robert Boley, Will Fairhurst and Stephen Grigelevich. The 5000 was split into 2 sections, and Rich Wilson ran to a new PR in the early section, while Mike Harbus, nate Freese and harrison Lakehomer finished 5th, 6th and 8th - with only 4 seconds separating them, and John babbott coming in shortly after. Steve Shashy ran his best 200 of the season. Joe Addison tuned up for his business venture to Chipotle's by hammering the last 400 of the Mile and running to a new personal best time of 4:35.