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Tufts Invite #2

January 20th at Tufts

Full Results

Amherst Results

(Women followed by Men and Recap at Bottom of Page)

Women 200 Meter Dash
    6    Campbell, Hannah    SR Amherst                  28.51   
   16    Farkus, Cameron     FR Amherst                  29.58   
   18    McGinn, Amanda      FR Amherst                  29.77  
   24    Loomis, Kathryn     SO Amherst                  30.13  
 Women 400 Meter Dash
 14    Baker, Mattie       SO Amherst                1:06.57 
 25  Darmody, Caroline   FR Amherst                1:11.11   
 Women 500 Meter Dash
 1    Millard, Maria      SR Amherst                1:19.41   
 4    Levenson, Carly     SO Amherst                1:23.20   
 7    Silverman, Kate     SO Amherst                1:25.33   
 9    Palacios, Mariana   SO Amherst                1:26.08   
 Women 800 Meter Run
 7    Priedeman, Molly    SO Amherst                2:27.33   
 9    Reggie, Mary Doris  FR Amherst                2:29.53
 Women 1000 Meter Run
 7    Benson, Lauren      JR Amherst                3:24.48   
 Women 1 Mile Run
 1    Garrahan, Shauneen  SR Amherst                5:07.39   
 2    McDermott-Murphy,   SO Amherst                5:14.66    
 5    Wilson, Heather     JR Amherst                5:20.23    
 7    Galleher, Sophia    FR Amherst                5:22.41    
 Women 3000 Meter Run
 2    Garrahan, Shauneen  SR Amherst               10:07.31    
 3    Tropiano, Elise     SO Amherst               10:12.01    
 4    Wilson, Heather     JR Amherst               10:31.03    
 6    Mortimer, Laura     JR Amherst               10:41.07    
 15   Moravec, Katie      JR Amherst               11:08.93
 17   Dalton, Liz         SO Amherst               11:22.07
 Women 55 Meter Hurdles
 1    Millard, Maria      SR Amherst                   9.24  
 9    Rybak, Jennifer     FR Amherst                   9.77   
 10   McGinn, Amanda      FR Amherst                   9.89   
 15   Loomis, Kathryn     SO Amherst                  10.51   
Women 4x200 Meter Relay
    5 Amherst  'A'                                        1:55.11  
Silverman 28.8, Farkus 30.2, Levenson 28.2, Campbell 27.7    
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
      2 Amherst                                       x4:15.72  
Silverman 64.6, Priedeman 63.5, Rybak 64.5, Reggie 63.9    
    7 Amherst                                          4:28.19   
Campbell 66, Baker 67.7, Palacios 65.6, Farkus 68.8
Women Distance Medley
    2 Amherst  'A'                                       12:34.11    
Galleher 3:55, Levenson 64.8, Millard 2:20.3, Murphy 5:12.8    
  Event 27  Women High Jump
  3    30 Millard, Maria      SR Amherst                  1.53m    5-00.25
    8    36 Rybak, Jennifer     FR Amherst                  1.43m    4-08.25
Event 33  Women Triple Jump
  7    36 Rybak, Jennifer     FR Amherst                  9.76m   32-00.25

Men 400 Meter Dash
   19    Shashy, Steve       JR Amherst                  55.91   
   24    Benson, Pat         JR Amherst                  59.49   
Men 500 Meter Dash
     10    Foote, Thomas       SO Amherst                1:11.69  
   11     Pendergrass, Keith  FR Amherst                1:11.81   
 Men 800 Meter Run
    9    Callahan, Kit       FR Amherst                2:03.76
   10    Hayman, Sam         SR Amherst                2:04.94
  Men 1000 Meter Run
    6   Kiley, Jack         SO Amherst                2:39.08    
    9   Beaty, Basile       JR Amherst                2:42.21
   10   Stewart, Stephen    SO Amherst                2:42.87
   12   Glustrom, Eric      SR Amherst                2:44.60
   14   Foote, Peter        SO Amherst                2:45.53
   15   Anderson, Tom       FR Amherst                2:45.79
   19   Wilson, Richard     SR Amherst                2:50.77
  Men 1 Mile Run
    2  Bell, William       FR Amherst                4:29.94    
    3   Swanson, Jimmy      FR Amherst                4:30.04   
    6   Harbus, Mike        JR Amherst                4:31.59  
    8   Eubank, Carlyle     FR Amherst                4:36.19  
   10   Hayman, Sam         SR Amherst                4:36.81
   12   Foote, Peter        SO Amherst                4:37.37
   15   Addison, Joseph     SO Amherst                4:39.25
   17   Klein, Ben          FR Amherst                4:42.04
   19   Wilson, Richard     SR Amherst                4:43.04
  Men 3000 Meter Run
    1  Babbott, John       SR Amherst                8:44.33   
    2  Freese, Nathaniel   SR Amherst                8:50.05    
    3  Harbus, Mike        JR Amherst                9:00.94    
    5  Murner, Daniel      FR Amherst                9:07.91    
    8   Boley, Robert       SR Amherst                9:23.62    
    10  Fairhurst, Will     FR Amherst                9:31.95
   11   Sego, Willy            Amherst                9:32.70
    13  Cabeza, Romulo      JR Amherst                9:35.58
  Men 4x400 Meter Relay
    7 Amherst  'A'                                        3:43.28 
    Pendergrass 53.9, Foote 54.3, Shashy 56.8, Benson 57.8
  Distance Medley
  3 Amherst  'A'                                       10:51.03   
      Swanson 3:21, Stewart 53.3, Kiley 2:05.4, Bell 4:31.2    
 7 Amherst  'B'                                      x11:09.88
    Eubank 3:21, Beatty 54.3, Callahan 2:05.2, Klein 4:49.2
 8 Amherst  'C'                                      x11:20.00
     Glustrom 3:29, Hayman 54.2, Anderson 2:09.7, Addison 4:47

Meet Recap

Athlete of the Meet - Nate Freese & Elise Tropiano

The team traveled back to Tufts - this time for a scoring invitational against 16 other teams. While not focused on the scoring aspect of the meet, the women came away with a runner-up finish while the men grabbed 4th place. Finishing up the 2nd week of intersession training (one week remaining), the legs were certainly tired, but despite the amount of work that the athletes have been doing, we had a great meet and got a lot of fantastic performances. Maria Millard led the team with 2 individual wins - one in the high hurdles, and the other in the 500 where she just missed breaking a 14 year old school record - and then joined with Sophie Galleher, Carly Levenson and Caitlin Murphy to finish 2nd in the DMR, and also finished 3rd in the high jump!. Shauneen Garrahan grabbed a win in the Mile (leading a 1,2,5 & 7 finish as Caitlin, Heather Wilson and Sophie all came in right after) and then came back to finish 2nd in the 3k, with Elise Tropiano running a big PR to finish just behind in 3rd, with Heather is 4th, and Laura Mortimer running a big PR as well to grab 6th. The 4 x 400 Relay of Kate Silverman, Molly Priedeman, Jennifer Rybak and Mary Doris Reggie finished 2nd, and before the relay Molly and Mary Doris both had very strong runs in the 800, as both runners ran to their fastest times ever. In the 500, Carly grabbed a 4th place, while kate grabbed 7th. Hannah Campbell finished in the scoring in the 200, as she captured 6ht place and also helped the 4 x 200 relay team of Cameron Farkus, Kate and Carly to a 5th place finish. Jennifer grabbed points in the triple jump, as she placed 7th, and also finished 8th in the high jump to grab the final scoring place. Lauren Benson ran a strong race in the 1000 and finished 7th to pick up a couple of points.

The men's lone victory, as it did last week, came from John Babbott - this week in the 3k as he raced to a great time in his first crack at the event, and was followed closely by a strong Amherst contingent as Nate Freese knocked 20 seconds off of his best time en route to a runner-up finish, Mike Harbus, Daniel Murner and Robert Boley finished 3, 5 and 8, while in 10th and 11th, Will Fairhurst made his indoor debut and Willy Sego ran his first real race ever. The mile was another strong event for the team as Will Bell and Jimmy Swanson finished 2nd and 3rd, with Will breaking 4:30 and Jimmy just above the barrier, and in 6th and 8th were Mike and Carlyle Eubank. Sam Hayman , Peter Foote and Joe Addison, also running in the mile, had great races despite the mile being an off event for all of them. The Distance Medley relay of Jimmy, Will, Steve Stewart and Jack Kiley finished 3rd, and we had 2 other teams in the top 8 - though only the first one factored into the scoring. The 500 was exciting as teammates Thomas Foote and Keith Pendergrass battled all the way to the line, finishing 10th and 11th - with less the 2 tenths of a second separating them. Jack finished 6th in the 1000, and Basile Beatty had a strong last 400 to move up and grab the final scoring spot.