2006 Open New England's

Pictures taken by Zsu Foote

The start of the women's varsity race

Shauneen in the middle of the lead pack

Kim focused early in the race

Heather running strong in the first mile

Elise out well in the first mile

Sophie racing well - despite not double knotting her shoe laces

Meg in the first mile of a XC PR race

Katie running well early

Shauneen giving chase in the final stretch - she would catch all three runners to finish 4th in 17:34

Kim racing strong towards the finish - 12th place and first time under 18:00

Elise and Sophie kicking in on the homestretch to close out the scoring

Meg with a strong kick to finish in 18:58

Cooper - yes, we jumped right to the guys varsity race - in the first mile

Footie running with MIT and Bates runners early on

Harrison looking strong in the early going

Mike getting into the middle part of the race

Harry finishing well to grab 35th and a 25:28

Daniel finishing under 26:00

Tomas closing out the scoring with his 26:05 run

Nate with a great run, just shy of breaking 26:00

Mike finishing up

Footie charging down the final stretch

The start of the JV race

A strong pack of purple - Rob, Eric and William

Rich in the first mile of the race

William - the breathe right poster boy

Rom en route to a solid race

Carlyle getting after it in the middle miles

Will coming close to the 3 mile mark

Kit making a quick transition to XC from football a year ago

Eric locked in a battle with a Jumbo

Sammy looking like a throw back to the Pre era

Eric H in the last mile of his outstanding race to lead the team

Babbott finishing as the 2nd runner for the team

Rich rounding out the Top 7 for the day

Steve finishing strong

Time to relax and get ready for Fall Break. Shauneen holding the 2nd place trophy from the Varsity race