MEN'S Team Results -- AMHERST 18; Merrimack 58; WHEATON 68; SPRINGFIELD 94.

MEN'S 8K RUN (Individuals) -- 1. Harrison Lakehomer, AMHERST, 27:28.6; 2. Mike Harbus, AMHERST, 27:39.8; 3. PAT BENSON, WHEATON, 28:10.2; 4. Cooper Knowlton, AMHERST, 28:17.5; 5. Peter Foote, AMHERST, 28:20.5; 6. Nathaniel Freese, AMHERST, 28:22.6; 7. Richard Wilson, AMHERST, 28:30.3; 8. Adam Johnson, Merrimack, 28:34.2; 9. Carlyle Eubank, AMHERST, 29:00.5; 10. Robert Boley, AMHERST, 29:04.2; 11. Jimmy Swanson, AMHERST, 29:10.7; 12. John Babbott, AMHERST, 29:14.7; 13. Adam Holmes, Merrimack, 29:17.8; 14. Eric Holaday, AMHERST, 29:18.4; 15. Michael Sweeney, Merrimack, 29:50.3; 16. MATT PIERCE, WHEATON, 29:57.6; 17. John Kelley, Merrimack, 30:00.3; 18. Daniel Murner, AMHERST, 30:03.5; 19. William Bell, AMHERST, 30:27.4; 20. Romulo Cabeza, AMHERST, 30:29.9; 21. Stephen Grigelevich, AMHERST, 30:57.3; 22. Joe Fowler, WHEATON, 31:08.6; 23. Kit Callahan, AMHERST, 31:10.6; 24. Ian Wright, SPRINGFIELD, 31:11.3; 25. Eric Glustrom, AMHERST, 31:31.7; 26. William Fairhurst, AMHERST, 31:42.2; 27. Brian Casey, Merrimack, 31:53.5; 28. John DeVaney, SPRINGFIELD, 32:04.5; 29. Andrew Brunhofer, WHEATON, 32:08.1; 30. Sam Hayman, AMHERST, 32:36.2; 31. Joseph Gawlak, SPRINGFIELD, 32:58.4; 32. Joseph Locascio, SPRINGFIELD, 32:58.9; 33. Scott Clark, WHEATON, 33:10.2; 34. Scott Hafferkamp, WHEATON, 33:15.7; 35. Jon Freeman, SPRINGFIELD, 33:16.5; 36. Tom Anderson, AMHERST, 33:18.9; 37. Andrew Slesinski, Merrimack, 33:48.5; 38. Miles Souza, WHEATON, 34:01.6; 39. Patrick Van Schaick, Merrimack, 34:10.3; 40. David Nganga, WHEATON, 34:24.3.


Runner of the Meet - Harrison Lakehomer'09 & Elise Tropiano'09

Both teams got the 2006 season under way with the running of the Amherst Invite, competing against Springfield, Merrimack and Wheaton. The women got the day started with a dominant victory as they finished with 19 points, and placing 7 in the Top 10 and 11 in the Top 15. Shauneen Garrahan grabbed the victory, defending her title from a year ago, and looked effortless on the hot and humid day. A Springfield runner finishing in second place stood in the way of a Top 5 sweep, as Kim Partee, Elise Tropiano, Katie Moravec and Heather Wilson finished 3,4,5,6 to round out the scoring. Meg Ray and Laura Mortimer rounded out the varsity 7, as they both placed in the Top 10. Finishing 10 seconds apart in places 11-14 were Liz Dalton, Zandra Walton, Nicole Anderson and first year harrier Sophia Galleher. Caitlin Murphy and Rachel Cameron finished in 16 and 17th place, while Catherine Knuff and Nicole Green also made their XC debuts and finished back to back in the placing.

The men were led by Harrison Lakehomer's victory, as he and Mike Harbus led a 1-2 sweep, with Cooper Knowlton (returning from study abroad), Peter Foote, Nathaniel Freese and Rich Wilson finishing 4,5,6 and 7 along with Carlyle Eubank's 5 mile debut in 9th and Rob Boley grabbing 10th. While treating this as a hard temp effort, and effectively working through the meet as we prepare for the upcoming meets in the schedule, it was a good indicator of the strength and depth of the team, as we got good front running and a solid depth in the pack. Beyond the Top 10, we also grabbed 11,12 and 14th with first year runners Jimmy Swanson and Eric Holaday sandwiched around John Babbott to put 11 runners in the Top 14. Other first year guys to get their feet wet with the 5 mile distance, were Daniel Murner, William Bell in 19th, Stephen Grigelevich in 21stm Kit Callahan with a great run in 23rd, Will Fairhurst in 26th and Tom Anderson in 36. The team will head to UMass dartmouth next week, splitting up as 7 guys will run in he varsity section and all first year runners, and those upper class runners beyond the 7 will run in the sub-varsity race.