2005 Season's Weekly Race Notes

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NCAA's - Nov 19th

Sorry for the delay in getting the recap up, but better late then never. The women's team, and Tomas Morrissey took on the best teams and runners, and a daunting XC course at the NCAA's hosted by Ohio Wesleyan. The women entered the meet ranked 6th in the country, with the entire team comprised of runners who could be returning next fall. The first half of the race looked great as we were all in great position and were cautious about not getting out to hard on the hilly course, and really wanted to be able to roll in the last 2k. At around this time, things took a turn for the not as good as Shauneen - trying to compensate for last week's dehydration / low glucose "bonk" went to the other end of the spectrum and had a glucose spike, which unfortunately yielded similar results to a lack of glucose and did not finish where she was hoping - though the fact that she finished at all was a testament to her toughness. Kim Partee put herself into All-American contention by the middle of the race, and then held on to the spot as she finished in 34th (All-American's are honored through the first 35 finishers). Shauneen would finish in 57th, while Heather Wilson and Nicole Anderson were separated by a mere 5 seconds in finishing 66th and 73rd. Caitlin McDermott Murphy finished 5th for the team, with a 129th placer finish while Meg ray and Zandra Walton were within a few seconds of each other in 144th and 163rd. We will be returning all 7 runners for next season, plus 2 more runners who have NCAA experience, so we will look to capitalize on the NCAA experience and have an even bigger season next fall.

While the women had their team out at NCAA's, Tomas was the lone male representative. With a big race the weekend before to build his confidence, he was looking to become Amherst's 3rd Male All-American in XC, and the first since Rob Mitchell captured the honors with his 4th place finish in 1998. Sticking to the strategy of respecting the course in the first 2 miles and trying to be around 50th, he went through perfectly and then started to move up. Hoping to be in the Top 35 by the 5k, he went through in 34th and then in the next mile, he moved up another 10 spots, and in the last mile he continued to build on his momentum as he climbed into the Top 20 where he would finish 19th in his best race of the season and earn All-American honors.

Districts - Nov 12th (The Student & Honors)
With the team and individual qualifying spots on the line, the teams took on all the DIII team in New England at the Veterans Park Golf Course in Springfield. The women got the day started, and looking to take care of business in regards to punching their ticket to NCAA's next weekend, they did exactly that as they finished 3rd overall - behind Williams and Colby. Despite an off day due to illness by Shauneen, the team got some great races by others, and will look to have 7 awesome races next Saturday. Despite feeling under the weather, Shauneen finished 8th, while Kim Partee and Nicole Anderson each had great races to finish 9th and 13th, while Heather Wilson was a little off early in the race, but had a great closing mile to finish 19th - all four runners earning All Region honors. First year Caitlin McDermot-Murphy finished 5th for the team to close out the scoring, as she finished 39th overall - with the 2-5 runners all running to new PR's for the 6k. Meg Ray and Zandra Walton closed out the running for the team as they placed 54th and 60th. With the focus on this coming weekend at NCAA's out in Ohio, we are hoping to have our best races of the year, close up the gaps between our runners and other teams, and finish the season with a great meet.

The men finished 11th overall, a little lower then what we had hoped for in terms of overall finish, but we had some bright spots. Tomas Morrissey, after missing NCAA's by one spot last year, was determined to make the trip and he raced brilliantly throughout and finished 7th overall and running to a new PR despite the rolling hills of the course and will be racing next weekend in Ohio, and looking to try and earn his first All American award. Rich Wilson, Dave Schreiner and Harrison Lakehomer raced very strong, got out aggressively and put themselves in great position through the middle of the race and despite fading a little bit in the last mile, raced extremely well. Rob Boley grabbed the 5th scoring spot, while Mike Harbus and Cooper Knowlton rounded out the 6th and 7th positions.

ECAC's - Nov 5th (The Student)
While the "varsity" runners rested in preparation for the District Qualifiers next weekend, the next 7 runners got the chance to either earn a berth on the roster for next weekend, or run in their final races of the season. On a picture perfect day along the Long Island Sound at Conn College's Harkness Memorial State Park course, both teams took advantage of the fast, flat course. The women came looking to win their 2nd ECAC Championship - having won in 2001 - and despite having a very deep and talented team, knew that Tufts and Williams would pose the biggest threats. One of the things that we have stressed all season was the fact that our depth, and talent beyond our Top Seven runners would come into play and would help to make us a stronger team throughout the season. That depth was in full effect on Saturday as the women grabbed the victory over a Tufts team by 2 points, with Williams in 3rd. First year Elise Tropiano has one of the biggest breakthrough races that an Amherst runner has ever had, and raced fearlessly and with confidence from the first step of the race. She has consistently been our 12th runner all season, and in the last couple of weeks has started to post times ahead of her 20:40 5k high school PR, but at ECAC she went out hard and by the first mile had established herself in the top 10 and would end up finishing 8th overall to lead the team in a time of 22:52 - PRing through the 5k by nearly a minute en route to the finish. Meg Ray used her patented big kick to take her past 2 Tufts runners an finish 10th, while Laura Mortimer would finish strongly in 14th - also grabbing All-ECAC honors. Margaret Davis had a nice finish to her season as she grabbed 17th, while Liz Dalton threw in a big kick in the last 100m to get in front of a pack of runners that would ultimately seal the win. Katie Moravec, battling the effects of bronchitis, would finish 6th for the team while Lucy Sheehan had a great race to finish off her season.

Rob Boley led the men's 8th place team finish by running aggressively, and would end up finishing in 15th - the final All-ECAC spot, while significantly lowering his PR. Sam Hayman and Peter Foote raced together for the entire race, helping each other in the middle miles, and then kicking past a big group of runners in the homestretch and breaking the 27 minute mark (26:57) - a big PR for both of them. Evan Guiney finished his Amherst career with a solid race, just missing breaking the 27 minute mark, but running great as he continues to be nagged by an IT Band injury. Rom Cabeza would factor into the scoring as he became the 5th runner for the team, and he responded well with his first race under 28 minutes, while Eric Glustrom would knock over 30 seconds from his previous best time to finish off his first XC season in style. The conditions were ideal for fast times, and it was great to see the guys take advantage of their training, and the conditions to finish off their seasons with resounding success.

NESCAC's - Oct 29th (The Student)
Almost sad that a 40 or so degree day with gray skies is considered a blessing, but at the NESCAC Championships held at Wesleyan, on a day that called for rain and snow, this was greatly appreciated. With a big gathering of family and friends, and a tailgate like no other, the teams tackled their conference foes and came with some mixed results. The women, racing in the best and most dominant conference in the country (5 teams ranked in the Top 11 Nationally) knew that doing well here is good preparation, and a confidence builder, for doing well down the line. The race got going and the purple were up near the front, running aggressively and getting into position in the front of the race. Shauneen would battle Williams top runner all the way to the end, but despite breaking 18 minutes, ended up on the short end of the stick and will look to get in front in the last 2 races of the season. Nicole Anderson and Heather Wilson worked well together and closed hard down the stretch to grab 8th and 9th - with Nicole earning the NESCAC Rookie of the Year - out kicking several runners, while Kim Partee would grab the last All-NESCAC Team spot (14th place). Caitlin Murphy used a big last mile to move up strong and finish out the scoring that led Amherst to a 2nd place, 11 points behind Williams. Meg Ray and Laura Mortimer finished out the 6-7 spots, while Zandra Walton, despite a big fall late in the race finished 1 second off their pace.  Margaret Davis and Elise Tropiano both raced well as they both were under 20 minutes.

The men had their first "off race" of the season, and unfortunately it was here. They did not get out aggressively as they had been doing all year, nor did they run together as they have been doing, and were at points 3 people with 2 second gaps between but not trying to work together. Tomas Morrissey finished 11th, to grab 2nd Team All-NESCAC and lead the team. Rich Wilson grabbed 28th overall, with a strong race but the gaps were to big from him to the other scoring runners. Harrison Lakehomer finished 35th as the 3rd freshman runner, while Dave Schreiner grabbed 50th place with a solid race. Mike Harbus, Nate Freese and Rob Boley rounded out the seven varsity runners. Evan Guiney (nice return race from an injury) and Peter Foote each raced very well, with Peter running yet another PR. Eric Glustrom and Tom Herter both worked the race together and were rewarded with PR's, with Eric getting under 29 minutes for the first time. The men will look to rally and get back to the things that have worked well for them in 2 weeks with their race at Districts.

With the entries limited to 12, many of the runners raced in the Open 5k race and had he not taken a wrong turn, Sam Hayman certainly would have taken the title had he not missed the 5k turn and then waved to the crowd while they shouted to him that he missed the turn. Several of the guys who focus on the 800 - Mile during the track season opted for the 5k rather then the 8k race, for a chance to run something shorter as a diversion. The women saw the return of Ginger Polich and Mattea Kramer, who both got the chance to run a race this fall as they both have been slowly returning from injury. Both teams will sit out a number of runners from this weekend's ECAC meet, while the next seven get the chance to finish out their season and the women will be looking to challenge Williams and others for the ECAC title.

Little Three's - Oct 22nd
The teams headed to the Purple Valley to compete in the annual Little Three Championships held at Williams' Mt. Greylock HS Course. Like it seems to be doing nearly every day, it was raining and the course was changed up a little bit due to rain soaked portions of the course. Despite the changes, and wet and muddy spots, the course ran fast and the weather did not seem to deter anyone. Choosing to focus more on NESCAC's, and the remaining championships, both teams employed pack strategies to help tighten up their packs and help develop some of those right on the cusp of being scoring runners. The women started the race looking to keep a pack of 9 through the first mile, 7 through the 2nd mile and then a group of 5 through to the end of the race while knowing that if the numbers were not present, the group would have to rally the other members of the team as each person would be accountable for the racing efforts of the team. Shauneen finished on the short end of a tight battle with Williams' top runner Caroline Cretti, but accomplished her race plan, and will be fully prepared for any racing strategies as we head towards Nationals. The pack consisted of Kim Partee, Nicole Anderson, Heather Wilson and first years Caitlin McDermott-Muprhy & Liz Dalton really stepping up and having their best races of the season to keep that pack intact and prove that they can be factor runners. The group all finished within 2 seconds of each other but it was even closer then that. Meg Ray finished 3 seconds off the pack, while Zandra Walton was just a couple of steps behind that, followed by Laura Mortimer, Katie Moravec and Margaret Davis. Elise Tropiano latch on to the initial pack, getting out a little faster then she had this year, and it paid off as she ran under 20 minutes for the first time ever, while both Tovah Ackerman and Lucy Sheehan also ran to their best times of the season.

The men raced as a tight pack, as did the women, and they moved up very impressively over the course of the race and got great results from implementing the strategy. The pack of 5 - Rich Wilson, Cooper Knowlton, Dave Schreiner, Tomas Morrissey and Harrison Lakehomer -  finished together and with the same time, and Nate Freese was just off the pack but like Dave, had his best race of the season and both will build on that as we head into NESCAC's this weekend. Rob Boley and Mike Harbus, both under the weather with a cold, raced solidly despite not feeling at 100%. Sam Hayman had a great race, as he and Peter Foote, worked together through the entire race and both finished in new PR's under 28:30. Rom Cabeza went out hard with our front pack early on, but was able to hold on to get under 29 minutes. Tom Herter, running in his first race of the season made his debut a success as he ran 29:30 to get under the 30 minute barrier comfortably, as did Eric Glustrom. Ben Read continues to be taunted by the 30 minute mark, finishing just a couple of seconds over it for the 3rd time this season, but will look to the next 2 weeks to get under the mark. Jack Kiley raced his first XC meet and looked strong.

Open New England's - Oct 8th(The Student)
Competing against nearly every team in New England, regardless of Division, the teams got a great chance to race against top competition and get an accurate gauge as to where they stood at this time of the season. Splitting into sub-varsity and varsity (Top 7), the teams raced at the historic Franklin Park course in Boston under rainy and wet conditions, though the monsoon like conditions held off until after the meet! The course was slippery in most spots, which would have slowed times down some but the competition was still present. The women's sub-varsity got under way first, and it was Caitlin McDermott-Murphy who crossed the line first for the team in 14th overall, with Meg ray coming in next in line - both solidly under 20 minutes. Margaret Davis, returning to full health, cracked the Top 20 with her 19th place finish, followed by Liz Dalton, and then Elise Tropiano had another great race as she would close out the scoring with a near PR and help the team to a 4th place finish. Tovah Ackerman cracked 21 minutes and Lucy Sheehan finished out the Top 7 with her race. In the Varsity race, a lack of early aggressiveness would hurt some while those who got out quickly and settled into their race would have a better go of it. Shauneen Garrahan raced in 3rd for the entire race, with a gap between her and the Top 2 and then another big gap behind her, but finished in a 17:44 - a XC PR. Kim Partee, in just her 2nd race of the year, got out great and despite fading a bit in the last 1/2 mile, still earned All-New England honors with her 27th place. Nicole Anderson grabbed 41st place in her first race with leaves on the ground, while Heather Wilson had a bit of an off day as she struggled to a 73 place finish. Laura Mortimer had a real solid race, moving up strongly throughout and if not for a snafu in the finishing chute, may have placed even higher then her 98th finish - was 10 spots and a couple of seconds behind Heather at the finish, but was then a but higher in the results. Katie Moravec and Zandra Walton did not get out aggressively and it was difficult for them to move their way up through the field, and did not have their strongest races. The team would finish 5th overall, and as the 2nd DIII team - behind Williams but ahead of NCAA Ranked Colby, Middlebury and Tufts.

The men were led by Tomas Morrissey's 25:35 19th place finish - the best finish for the men in years, as well as earning him All-New England honors. Harrison Lakehomer, got out a bit slowly and had to pick his way through a lot of crowds, but he kept the momentum rolling throughout the race to grab 58th overall. Rich Wilson, Mike Harbus and Cooper Knowlton finished out the scoring as they were separated  by 12 seconds, while Robert Boley came across the line just 4 seconds later. Despite some mid-race lapses by the team, they were able to rally over the last mile and pick enough people off to grab 14th overall and 5th place amongst the DIII teams - their best finish since 1997. While the times were not as fast as they have been in the past due to the worsening conditions of the course, the guys still posted solid marks and competed very well. In the sub-varsity race, Nate Freese - on the way back from a battle with anemia - posted a great time of 27:23 that will be a great confidence builder as we head into the championships. Knowing that the iron levels were the reason for some off results and workouts, and now having addressed that and seeing a positive sign like that should be huge for the team. Peter Foote broke 29 minutes to finish 2nd for the team, while Rom Cabeza battled the mud to break 30 minutes with fellow long sprinter Basile Beaty just missing cracking the 30 minute mark. Evan Guiney, battling an IT Band injury, struggled throughout the race but bravely finished, with Ben Read coming in just after.

Tufts Invite - Sept 24th (The Student & Honors)
After having run the past weekend on a flatter and faster XC course, the teams headed to the Tufts Veterinary course to get a true test of where they were at, with the challenging and slightly more hilly course. In conditions very similar to a year ago, the women tackled their first 6k of the year and came away with some impressive times, some outstanding performances and a win to cap it all off. The men, as they have so far this season, continued to run impressively as they finished 4th in a strong field and saw many of the men improve their times considerably from last year's run. Shauneen Garrahan left no doubt as to who was going to win the race, as she went straight to the front and was never challenged as she ran to a fast early time of 21:50 for the 6k course. Heather Wilson finished 6th overall, and broke 23 minutes for the first time, while right behind her in 10th was Vanessa Socaht who just missed cracking 23 minutes, and at 23:21 was Nicole Anderson in 14th. Zandra Walton, running a bit conservative in the early going, streaked home in the second half to finish 5th for the team in arguably her best XC race ever. A mere 13 seconds separated Katie Moravec, Meg Ray (huge PR for her and another strong race), Laura Mortimer and Liz Dalton. Margaret Davis ran to a time of 24:14 as she continues to regain full strength, while Elise Tropiano had another stellar race, finishing in 24:42. The women will be back in 2 weeks at the Open New England's.

Tomas Morrissey led the way for the men, as he implemented a race strategy of being at or with the Top 5 for the first four miles of the race, before struggling a little bit in the last mile but still running nearly a minute faster then he had on the course last year. While the tactic of running as a pack of 4-5 guys through 3-4 miles did not get executed as well as we would have liked, the guys worked well together to have several breakthrough races in the scoring spots behind Tomas and finished 4th overall. Harrison Lakehomer closed the gap from himself to Tomas to 8 seconds, with Mike Harbus right on his heels a mere 5 seconds behind - nearly 2 minutes faster then what he had run on the course last year. Rob Boley, doing what he did so effectively in the track season, threw caution to the wind and went out with our front pack and carried himself to his best race so far, with Rich Wilson coming in the place behind him. Cooper Knowlton finished just a couple of seconds back, and the Dave Schreiner rounded out the varsity 7 with his 46th place. Evan Guiney, nearly recovered from an IT Band injury just missed breaking 28 minutes, and 800 men Rom Cabeza and Sam Hayman battled to a 28:44 time, with Nate Freese, just a couple of steps back. Eric Glustrom, despite only coming out for the team the week school started had another solid race, as he ran 29:34 and Peter Foote just cracked 30 minutes while Ben Read, another primarily 800 guy on the track, raced to another 30:04.

UMass Dartmouth - Sept 17th (The Student)
Dodging a bullet in regards to the weather, the teams traveled to UMass Dartmouth for their invite, along with 40-50 other teams, and while the course was a little soggy, it was nothing like it was supposed to be. The women's Sub-varsity race got the day started off on the right foot as they put all 5 scorers into the Top 10 - Caitlin McDermott-Murphy finished 2nd overall, with fellow first year Liz Dalton, who took a wrong turn shortly after taking the lead just past the 2 mile mark, finishing 3rd. Sophomores Laura Mortimer and Meg Ray grabbed 6 and 7th, while Zandra Walton got her feet muddied for the first time in an Amherst uniform as she placed 8th - with all running under 20 minutes. Tovah Ackerman and Elise Tropiano raced well together throughout the race to finish 6th and 7th. In the varsity race, wanting to emphasize the importance of pack running and accountability from 1-7 runners, the women raced as a pack of seven through the first two miles, hitting that mark in 12:45 before taking off in earnest chasing the pack. The first two miles was a little slower then had been anticipated but as a group they all closed very well over the last mile as they were in about 70th at that time and moved up well enough to finish 2nd overall. Shauneen Garrahan finished 7th, running 18:40, while Heather Wilson hit the Top 15 in 19:23. Kim Partee made her return to running successful, as she ran 19:27, while Katie Moravec (running her first race of the season) and Nicole Anderson rounded out the scoring in 24 and 25th. Vanessa Sochat grabbed 30th, while Margaret Davis finished 47th.

The men had a tremendous race, and are proving to themselves and others, that despite some losses from last year, they are willing to step up and contend. Tomas Morrissey led the way as he finished 12th overall - 6th in the scoring - running under 26 minutes quite comfortably. First Year Harrison Lakehomer moved up very well throughout the race, just missing breaking the 26 minute barrier and finishing 32nd. Cooper KNowlton had arguably his best XC race thus far, as he finished 36th, and considerably lowering his best time. Mike Harbus and Rich Wilson worked well off of each other throughout the race and finished within 2 seconds of each other to cap the scoring effort with a 5th place showing. Rob Boley and Dave Schreiner finished 6 and 7th for the team, while Nate Freese raced his first one of the season. In the sub varsity race, Evan Guiney had a strong race to finish 14th overall and leading   eh team to a 9th place finish. Peter Foot and Eric Glustrom both had strong races, helping each other throughout the race with Peter breaking 29 minutes and Eric just missing breaking the barrier. Basile Beaty and Ben Read both just missed cracking 30 minutes. Up next will be the Tufts meet in Grafton on a considerably more challenging course.

Amherst Invite - Sept 10th (The Student)
The 2005 XC season got under way with our annual home invitational with Bates, Wheaton, Merrimack and Springfield in attendance. The men finished a close second to Bates, while the women handily won their meet. The men were the first to race, and they put 6 runners in the Top with 4 of them earning Tee SHirts for their Top 10 finishes. Tomas Morrissey continued where he left off last fall, as the team's top runner as he finished 2nd overall and saw a significant time drop from his race on the course last year. Fellow sophomore Mike Harbus grabbed 5th over all for the team, while Rich Wilson, and first year runner Harrison Lakehomer finished together at 9th and 10th, while Cooper Knowlton rounded out the scoring of 34 points with his 12 place finish. Dave Schreiner, coming back from an injury plagued 2004 campaign and then spending the spring abroad, had a strong race to grab 15th place while Robert Boley rounded out the varsity seven with his 19th place. Co-captain Evan Guiney had a strong race despite spending the early part of the week in the pool due to a nagging injury and Sam Hayman, Rom Cabeza and Ben Read - primarily 800 runners - all had great first races of the season, and Eric Glustrom and Peter Foote got their AC careers off and running.

The women, ranked 5th in the NCAA pre-season pools, despite sitting out several runners who will certainly factor into the scoring later this season, won in a landslide as they were able to place all 5 scoring runners in the Top 6, and then also had 4 more in the top 17. Shauneen Garrahan, running a controlled effort race and helping to pace with first  year Nicole Anderson, too command of the race in the last 400 meters to win the race, while Nicole finished in 3rd place followed by the return of Vanessa Sochat in 4th place (who was not able to complete her season last fall due to surgery and returns as a first year), Heather Wilson and Margaret Davis in 5th and 6th. laura Mortimer grabbed 11th, while first year runners Liz Dalton and Caitlin McDermott-Murphy made the AC XC debuts in fine fashion. Meg Ray had a strong race, coming in just after Caitlin and Tovah Ackerman, also running in her first race for Amherst finished 33rd. Both team return to action on Saturday at the UMass Dartmouth Invitational.

2005 XC Depth Chart
First Name Last Name Yr ACInv Umass Tufts NE's L3's Nescac ECAC Districts NCAA
Basile Beaty 08 . 30:03 . 30:09 . . .
Robert Boley 07 29:04 26:56 26:56 27:11 27:35 27:36 26:19 27:25 .
Romulo Cabeza 08 30:05 . 28:44 29:48 28:49 . 27:44 . .
Peter Foote 09 31:38 28:56 29:56 28:57 28:26 28:18 26:57 . .
Nathaniel Freese 07 . 27:51 28:47 27:23 27:09 27:27 . . .
Eric Glustrom 07 31:24 29:03 29:34 . 29:51 28:57 28:21 . .
Evan Guiney 06 29:26 27:36 28:06 30:24 . 28:18 27:08 . .
Mike Harbus 08 27:21 26:35 26:41 27:03 27:41 27:16 . 27:40 .
Sam Hayman 07 29:28 . 28:44 . 28:25 . 26:57 . .
Tom  Herter 09 . . . . 29:30 . . . .
Jack Kiley 09 . . . . 30:51 . . . .
Cooper Knowlton 07 28:09 26:14 27:06 27:07 27:02 . . 28:34 .
Harrison Lakehomer 09 27:38 26:07 26:34 26:22 27:03 26:50 . 27:03 .
Tomas Morrissey 08 26:59 25:34 26:26 25:35 27:03 26:13 . 25:30 26:07
Ben Read 08 30:47 30:08 30:04 30:32 30:11 . . . .
Dave Schreiner 06 28:23 27:14 27:49 28:34 27:03 27:04 . 26:46 .
Stephen  Stewart 09 . 33:14 . . 34:45 . . . .
Richard Wilson 07 27:37 26:37 26:59 26:55 27:02 26:42 . 26:44 .
. . . . . 6k . . . 6k 6k 6k
Tovah Ackerman 09 22:14 20:55 . 20:58 20:25 20:46 . . .
Nicole Anderson 09 19:21 19:35 23:21 19:00 19:22 18:29 . 22:23 23:37
Liz Dalton 09 20:37 19:41 23:50 20:11 19:25 . 23:27 . .
Margaret Davis 06 19:55 19:56 24:14 19:54 19:45 19:49 23:20 . .
Shauneen  Garrahan 07 19:04 18:40 21:53 17:44 18:03 17:57 . 21:58 23:21
Mattea Kramer 07 . . . . . 22:11 . . .
Caitlin McDermott-Murphy 09 20:53 19:35 24:49 19:45 19:22 19:09 . 23:12 24:22
Katie Moravec 08 . 19:34 23:41 20:11 19:42 . 24:17 . .
Laura Mortimer 08 20:21 19:46 23:44 19:42 19:35 19:37 23:08 . .
Kim Partee 08 . 19:27 . 18:44 19:22 18:47 . 22:04 23:00
Ginger Polich 06 . . . . . 20:37 . . .
Margaret Ray 08 21:02 19:53 23:44 19:48 19:28 19:32 23:01 23:36 24:28
Lucy Sheehan 08 . 22:04 27:36 22:00 20:58 21:12 25:20 . .
Vanessa Sochat 09 19:43 19:42 23:06 . . . . . .
Elise Tropiano 09 . 21:03 24:42 20:24 19:49 19:56 22:52 . .
Zandra  Walton 09 . 19:57 23:37 20:20 19:31 19:38 . 23:43 24:39
Heather Wilson 08 19:51 19:23 22:54 19:27 19:22 18:30 . 22:37 23:32