2005 NESCAC Women

Photos from Alison Wade

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A big pack of purple at the start of the race

Shauneen in the front pack of four runners

Kim getting ready to make a turn 

Heather and Zandra at the front of their pack

Morti looking strong at mid-race

Zandra coming down the hill just after the mile

Caitlin starting to make her move

Heather looking relaxed in the mid-race portion

Shauneen and Caroline Cretti starting to make their move as they come out of the woods

Shauneen kicking in for 2nd place

Nicole finishing as the NESCAC Rookie of the Year

Heather finishing strong, and earning 2nd Team All-NESCAC

Kim grabbing the final All-NESCAC spot

Meg, with Z - a little muddy from her fall - finshing strong

Marge digging down the homestretch

Elise with another big race

Ginger completes the Open race in a great time

Lucy looking strong in the last mile

Mattea gets her first race in of the season!