2005 NESCAC Men

Photos from Alison Wade

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Tomas in the opening mile

Flea (Dave Schreiner), with Rich off his left shoulder, in the opening portions of the race

A pack of Amherst just after the mile - Nate, Rob, Mike and Harrison

Rich looking strong after the 1st Woods Loop

Tomas in the 3rd mile of the race

Mike on the upper field for the 2nd time

Rob looking ahead

Harrison and Nate get ready to enter the woods loop for the 2nd time

Peter looking strong as he PR's again

Mike in the last mile of the race

Nate finishing strong

Evan returning to racing after an IT Band injury

Eric about to break the 29 minute barrier for the 1st time

Big Tom kicking in for his second PR in as many races

Only a wrong turn in the last 600m kept Sam frmo winning his 1st ever XC race - the Open 5k

Rom looking strong in the opening mile of the Open race

Ben racing well as he gets ready to head into the woods