2005 Indoor NCAA's

Track Shark.com with Pics by Tyler Foos
For Amherst pictures go to the following pages:
11 - Ginger in the 800 pic 213,216,217,218
12 - Jack in the 800 pic 222
15 - Shauneen  DMR 291,293
16 - Babbott, Jack, Page DMR 301,307-08,311,313,315
17 - DMR's on Stand 323,332
20 - Shauneen Mile 390
21 - Shauneen Stand 402
23 - Carter 5k 448,452
24 - Carter Stand 466

Pictures below are from Carter's parents

Missing Ginger, but Amy, Hannah, Shauneen, Carter and Ned hoisting the hardware!

The whole team celebrates with the Women's 3rd Place Plaque

The Adamson Twins (Brandon and Trevor) chillin' with the trophy!

Carter(#1) going out the way she came in - as the 5k Champ!

The All-American DMR's - the only team to earn All-American honors in both races!
B - Hannhan, Ginger, Shauneen, Carter
T - Amy, Ned, Jack, Sam, John and Mike

Shauneen (#2) on the awards stand for her runner-up finish in the Mile

Carter, running behind Caroline Cretti, gearing up for the big move in the 5k

Less then 2 laps to go for Carter's 3rd NCAA Indoor 5k title

Jack at the start of the 800 semis

Sam running the 400 leg of the DMR

Sam getting after the leaders in his leg

Jack runing the 800 leg of the DMR

A strong leg by Jack moved us into the lead group

Mike setting off after the leaders in the anchor of the DMR

Mike racing in 4th place midway through the race

A strong last home stretch by Mike brought is to 3rd

Carter starting thinsg off in the opening leg of the DMR

Carter continues to stretch out the field in her 1200 leg

Ginger starting her 800 leg in 2nd

Shauneen feeling the effects of the race, but fighting it to help the team get 2nd

Ginger racing strong down to the finish to get 4th in her 800 semi

Shauneen getting ready to put on the jets as she hits the last lap of the mile