2004 Amherst Women's Invite

Photos by Alison Wade

Purple is the dominant color as the race gets under way

Shauneen and Carter leading the race in the final mile - Kim just coming out of the woods

Garrahan and Hamill - the country's best 1-2 punch?

First year Kim Partee making a great debut

First year Heather Wilson and Jr. Margaret Davis racing well

First year harrier Laura Mortimer heading into the final mile

Ginger Polich making a surge as she heads out of the woods

Vanessa Sochat with an awesome first race

First year Meg Ray looking strong

Carter winning in her final race on the Amherst course

A relaxed Shauneen motoring to the finish line

Kim making a big splash in her first race - 3rd on the team

Heather about to finish 6th over all

Margaret capping the scoring for Amherst at 20 points

Ginger using her track speed with the finish line close

Morti rounding out the varsity 7

Vanessa with a big race, earning the Kudos runner of the week

Katie Moravec with a huge race, looking strong all the way

Meg chugs to the finish line

Ali Rodriguez looking harcore as she finishes
Mattea Kramer makes her collegiate XC debut

Lucy Sheehan racing strong in her first race

Julie Kim battling a nagging injury still has a great race

Liz Petrik gritting her teeth as she fights towards the finish

Rebecca Dailey finishes a great day for Amherst

A collection of photos from Vanessa's parents