2004 NESCAC Championships at Trinity

Pictures from Cooper Knowlton and Julius Nanna (in no particular order)

Jack Morgan hammering the last stretch in his 800 leg of the winning DMR

Carter Hamill en route to a NESCAC Record in the 5000

Ariel Haney anchoring the second place 4x400

Dave Molina (3) and John Stanton-Geddes in a hot 1500

Rich Wilson leading Dan Fisher on the backstretch of the 800

Lee-Jay Henry running a huge 400 leg for us

Stang leading off the winning DMR

John Babbott lost his shoe in the first 150m of the 800 but still finished strong

Jon Ettinger with a strong lead-off leg in the 4x400

Brandt Tullis racing strong in the 1500

Janak Chandrasoma about to pull away in his section of the 200

Ginger Polich racing strong in the 4x800

Helen Dole running a strong lead-off leg of the 4x800

Geoff Stricsek running against the clock in the 4 x 400

Alison Rodriguez running strong in the steeplechase

Julia Rucker looking fast in the 4 x 400

Ginger leading (and eventually winning) her section of the 800

Jack Morgan making his big move that would earn him the 800 victory

Dave Molina racing to a third place finish in the 1500

Shauneen Garrahan - NESCAC Rookie of the Year

Dave Molina anchoring the victorious DMR to finish the day

Jon Ettinger with good height in the long jump

Krissy Morin looking to clear the bar in the high jump

Jay Wagstaff out with the leaders in the 100m

Ginger tracking down an Eph in the 4x800

Carter all alone in the 5k

Rich Wilson anchoring the 4x400