2003 NCAA's

Hanover College in Hanover, IN

Please click on the various links to look at pictures from the meet - (Pictures from Ben are Amherst only) but the other links are by no means, exclusively Amherst College runners and you may need to search a little.

Below the links are pictures from Carter Hamill's parents

Numerous Pictures from Ben Kozyak
Hanover College XC NCAA Website
Run-Insight Website Championship Gallery
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Track & Field Photo Magazine
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2003 Women's All-American's - Shauneen and Carter are 9th and 10th from L on Top

The men, just before the start of the NCAA race

The men taking off at the gun

Matt Katz #71 on the inner trail

Stang #77 leading a pack up the hill

Dave Molina #73 and Mike Page #75 passing the 5k mark

Jack Morgan #74 heading towards the finish line

Brandt Tullis #78 charging up the hill

Stang working one of the hills

Matt Katz trying to pull away