2002 XC Pictures

Pictures taken by Ethan Nedeau and Alison Wade, and others who may have sent them randomly ...

Pictures and text may not line up, they do when originally set up but different computers/screens may change the intended appearance so my apologies

2002 Amherst Invite

      Margaret Davis '06                                          John Stanton-Geddes '04

Evan Guiney '06 and Fraser Kitchell '06 in the "field"

'06ers Ginger Polich followed by Jenny Horowitz entering the final stretch

Erinn White '04                                                      Hilary Plum '03

Evan, Alex  and Flea heading home

Zeke and Carson, with Alex, coming up the field hills

Page and Zeke finishing together

District Qualifying Meet at Westfield


James Johndrow '04                                        Laurel Kilgour '03

Zeke Phillips                        Carson Taylor'03

Matt Katz                                    John Stanton-Geddes

Carter Hamill                                        Erinn White

Mike Page

Helen Dole