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Helping you decide if Amherst is the right fit

This page is specifically designed for high school student-athletes who are interested in Amherst College and continuing their athletic endeavors as part of our Track & Field and/or the Cross Country teams. There is a good deal of information listed below, as well as numerous links that will help to provide an even greater amount of information about the college and all it has to offer you. Please take some time to review the information that is listed, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you might have. There can never be enough information, and while we try and provide a lot, the reality is that there can always be more as what people are looking for is always different. We will try to constantly update links and provide even more options as to what is here for you to peruse as Amherst College and its classes & professors that teach them, the learning environment, the Track and XC Program and Athletic Department as a whole, the surrounding area, the incredible opportunities to become involved and engaged in a wealth of differ net experiences - in short, a plethora of things to do and learn about, and not sure if it is possible to cover everything but we will attempt to. Enjoy!

About Amherst College

When choosing a school, it is usually one of the biggest decisions in your life up to this point. There are many reasons why a person will choose a school - location, academics, athletics, financial reasons, size, combinations of many things (to name just a few). Members of the team have given some of their top reasons for choosing Amherst College to make their home and you can check out how they came to their decision and see if one of their answers is similar to what you are looking for at  Why Amherst College

Amherst College is located in the beautiful college town of Amherst, in Western Massachusetts - 90 miles west of Boston and 150 miles north of New York City. Academically, Amherst has been ranked as the #1 liberal arts college in the country by U.S. News and World Report eight of the last ten years. Amherst College has an enrollment of 1,700 undergraduate men and women. The 1:8 faculty to student ratio ensures that the maximum level of personal interaction occurs through small seminars, discussions and lab sessions. Within a six-mile radius, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts join Amherst in sponsoring several Five-College academic departments, a library interchange program, and several community events that enrich the academic, cultural, and social opportunities available to students. This Five-College arrangement allows Amherst students the combination of life in an invigorating intellectual environment with additional educational and entertainment amenities commonly associated with larger, private and state universities. There is a free bus system that connects all the schools and is easily accessible for the students. In addition to the dozens of events on campus each week, there's plenty to do in the immediate area: go to a concert, eat at one of the many restaurants, hike in the Norwottuck Mountains, watch a movie, drink coffee while you listen to live music, sit in on a poetry reading, visit a museum, shop for vintage clothes or used books, bike or run on the miles of trails, fish or kayak in the local waters - the options are limitless.

We have provided a significant amount of information about the track & field and cross country programs, but there is a wealth of other information about the school which you can access by going to the Amherst College web site. Here you can receive information ranging from class schedules, course selection, clubs and organizations, contact information for academic departments and professors, the menu for dinner - you get the point. Everything that you are looking for is available to you at this site, just click on here and you will be connected to the site Amherst College Home Page


While the site has provided a great insight into what it takes to compete in track & field or cross country, you may also want to learn a bit more about athletics and other sports at Amherst. Amherst College is a Division III member of the NCAA, which means that we are not able to provide athletic scholarships and we compete under the auspices of both the NCAA DIII and NESCAC rules and regulations. There are 27 varsity sports at Amherst to go along with numerous club sports, and an extremely popular intramural sports program. For information about the athletics program or specific sports and their respective coaches at Amherst College, please contact our Sports Information Department

Admissions and Financial Aid

If you would like to receive an application and college view book, information on the admissions department, check availability and scheduling of campus tours, or any of the many useful other resources that the the Admissions Office makes available to you, please click on Amherst College Admissions Page IMPORTANT: If you are applying as a first year student or as a transfer or visiting student, you can no longer request application materials through the mailing list. Instead, please apply electronically or download our application materials here. Please fill out the admission mailing list form before you continue.

Within the admissions page, is also a financial aid page which includes the cost of the school - as well as a breakdown of those costs, various forms you will need, student employment information and other pertinent information that will be helpful to you in this process. Also, you will find financial aid calculator that can be very helpful when looking at schools - this is not a guarantee of what you can expect to get from a financial aid package, but will give you a sense of what you and your family could expect to have to contribute towards the cost of the school.

NESCAC Statement of Common Admission Practices

The New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) includes eleven of the finest liberal arts colleges and universities in the United States. The conference enjoys a long tradition of success both in meeting high standards of athletic performance and in helping every student realize his or her full capabilities. NESCAC is committed first and foremost to academic excellence, and has established common practices to keep athletics strong and in proportion to the academic mission of the member institutions. Admission offices work closely with athletic departments to ensure that students on all intercollegiate NESCAC teams are representative of each institution’s student body and are admitted with the expectation of their full participation in the life of the college.

Student-athletes applying to NESCAC institutions should be aware that, although each college has its own distinct admission process and requirements, the following guidelines have been agreed to by all eleven members regarding all candidates for admission:

· All admission decisions are rendered and delivered in writing by the admission office only. Any communication regarding the status of admission decisions conveyed by non-admission personnel should be considered preliminary, unofficial, and subject to change.

· No admission decisions, including an Early Decision, will be made until the candidate’s application is complete and all necessary supporting documentation has been received.

· By NCAA and conference policy, there are no athletic scholarships awarded at NESCAC institutions. Financial aid awards are offered in writing only by the institution’s financial aid office and not before the student has been admitted. Institutions may not provide written or oral financial aid evaluations to prospective students prior to being admitted.

· All NESCAC institutions have an Early Decision Round One option with a mid-December notification date. All NESCAC institutions except Amherst and Williams have an Early Decision Round Two option with a notification period between February 1 and February 15. All NESCAC institutions have a late March-early April Regular Decision notification period.

Member institutions include Amherst College, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Connecticut College, Hamilton College, Middlebury College, Trinity College, Tufts University, Wesleyan University and Williams College.

Directions to Amherst's Athletic Facilities

Amherst is roughly 60 minutes north of Hartford, 1.5 hours west of Boston, and 2.5 hours from New York City. The Admissions Office maintains a page with Driving Directions to the College. What follows are specific directions to Amherst's athletic facilities, once you are at the corner of Routes 9 & 116 in the middle of Amherst.

To the Alumni Gym - Track office is in room 1226

  1. At the corner of Routes 9 and 116, turn onto Route 116 SOUTH.
  2. Once on Route 116, take the THIRD LEFT (counting the Do Not Enter) into the athletic complex.
  3. The athletic department parking lot is immediately on your right (along with Orr Rink). There may be spaces around to the left in front of Alumni Gym, but this is usually the best place to park.

To Memorial and Hitchcock Fields - XC course starts and finishes by the baseball fields

  1. Following the above directions, go down the hill and under LeFrak Gymnasium and Memorial Field is immediately in front of you and you will see the start / finish area.

To Pratt Field and Lumley Track

  1. At the corner of Routes 9 and 116, turn onto Route 116 SOUTH.
  2. Once on Route 116, take your SECOND RIGHT, Hitchcock Road.
  3. Follow Hitchcock Road down to the gates to Pratt Field. The track runs around Pratt Field, and the throwing sector is at the far end of the track on the lower field

What is Needed from you

In taking the time to see the various schools you have focused on, in reading their respective brochures and web sites, and finding out more information that might peak your interest, the hope is that you have developed a strong and passionate interest in Amherst College and the track and / or cross country programs. The recruiting process starts in numerous ways - often a letter, a phone call or an email expressing interest in the school and our program will be what gets the process started. It is necessary for you to fill out the student-athlete profile form, so that we can have your contact, academic and athletic information. Please only fill this form out ONE TIME, as the form is loaded into a database automatically after it is submitted. Any updates to what you have submitted can be sent directly to Coach Ned and he will update the files accordingly. In addition to filling out and submitting this form, we will need a copy of your transcript that includes your current classes, a school profile and your test (ACT and / or SAT and SAT II's) that can be downloaded in Front Rush or be faxed to 413 542 2026 to the attention of the Men's Track / XC coach. In addition to the information that we will need, you will also want to make certain to contact the admissions office - if you did not do that in the beginning - so that you are able to receive an application and be put on their mailing list.

If you are planning to come for an overnight visit, please contact us prior to that and we help work on that with you. Please keep in mind, that these visits - in which you would meet the coach and discuss the program and then stay with a member of the team, sharing the student's perspective and experiencing Amherst College as a student here - are only arranged for those that fit the criteria that we are looking for in the recruiting process and not a convenience for anyone who wants to come and visit. For those who are encouraged to visit the campus and stay with a member of the team, it is expected that you will behave appropriately while on your visit. Your behavior, character and conduct should uphold the standards that we have for those in our program, and at our school. We do not want any action to negatively influence your possible admissions to Amherst College. Prior to, or upon arrival for, the start of your overnight visit you must print and fill out & sign the Overnight Visiting Form and your parents must sign as well. Without this form, and the appropriate acknowledgement of the standards of behavior and conduct expected of your visit, along with the signature of a parent / guardian, you will not be allowed to spend the night.