William Sandel

Nickname: : Jamie

Year of Graduation: 2017

Major: Undeclared (prospective: Music, Environmental Studies, Geology)

Hometown & School:Silver Spring, MD; Sidwell Friends School (in Washington, DC)

HS Events & PRs: 300m IH - 39.72; 110m HH - 15.34; 400m IH - 56.7 

College Events & PRs: Hurdles and Sprints

Accomplishments: 3-time MAC League Champion (hurdles); 4x200m school record; USATF Junior Olympic National Qualifier (3rd in Potomac Valley Region, 400m IH)

Interests:playing music (jazz/folk/rock); listening to music (jazz/folk/rock/everything else); international pro T&F; improv and theater

Something random: four dorm-mates and I collectively own a blue betta fish. We named him Craig, but he sometimes goes by The Fish Prince of Bel-Air. He is an ex-member of the band Kois II Men, and has been called the Real Swim Shady by fresh MC's like Wiz Khareefa and Justfin Swimberlake.

Why you chose Amherst: good people, good place, good schooling, good music, good sports. People don't appreciate the quality of a small liberal arts college enough; with as tight a community as this one, I genuinely feel like people (teachers and classmates alike) have time to give a damn about me as an individual and a contributor right off the bat.