Charlie Reighard

Nickname: Chuck, Chuckles

Year of Graduation: 2014

Major: Undecided, but most likely neuroscience

Hometown & School: Glenview, IL; Glenbrook South High School

HS Events & PRs: 800m: 2:00.2, 3 mile xc: 16:09

College Events & PRs:800 1:58.27, 1000 2:34.19, 1500 4:03.45, Mile 4:20.02, 3k 8:36.19, Steeple 9:43.26, 5000 15:08.50, XC 25:50

Accomplishments: Three 4 by 800 school records, all-conference xc senior year, splitting 32 seconds in an indoor 4 by 400 by running a lap short, Crushing Gus in NFL Blitz

Interests: Science, music, oatmeal, pushups

Something random: I played guitar in a screamo band in high school. I also sprained my wrist on my first collegiate long run

Why you chose Amherst: Combination of academics, size, and adequate waffle makers