Gus Greenstein

Nickname: Here I’ve been called Double-G, back home it’s The Une

Year of Graduation: 2014

Major: Undecided

Hometown & School:Santa Rosa, CA; Maria Carrillo High School

HS Events & PRs: 1600m (4:27) 3200m (9:28) XC 3.05 mi (15:41)

College Events & PRs:5000m (15:42) 8k XC (26:05)

Accomplishments: Co-founder of the Caravaners- a lasting bike-to-school group that revolutionized MCHS. Pumpkin 3k 2010 Champ; annihilated Chuck in Tony Hawk 2

Interests: Backpacking, cycling, basketball, traveling, cooking, The Temptations and Robot Unicorn Attack

Something random: This will change your life:

Why you chose Amherst: Outstanding academic reputation, beautiful campus, awesome people, great athletic and the grass is also amazings.But really I think it was because of all the tennis courts