Chris Erickson

Nickname: Erickson, Christurbia

Year of Graduation: 2012

Major: Undeclared, but probably Political Science

Hometown & School: Concord, MA; Concord Carlisle High School

HS Events & PRs: 300 (39.44), 400 (53.5, 53.0 relay), 600 (1:32.42)

College Events & PRs: 400 (53.11), 500 (1:11.31), 600 (1:30.10), 800 (2:07.82)

Accomplishments: Spencer bet me that I couldn’t eat eight hamburgers in a sitting. I succeeded – and, as a result, he had to shave his head. Additionally, despite not having played baseball in five years, I hold the record for fastest pitch in the Lowell Spinner’s Speed Pitch Challenge (held in the middle of the second inning) for the summer of ’09 (73 mph). A couple of second place 4x4’s during high school conference meets. Got into Amherst.

Interests: Sports, sleeping, driving my '96 Ford Windstar, eating, running

Something random: Capybaras are the heaviest rodent, weighing in at more than 100 pounds. Also, the Catholic Church officially classifies the Capybara as a fish. The animal merited this classification because the 16th Century group of missionaries who requested that the semi-aquatic rodent might be a "fish" also insinuated that there might be an issue with starvation if the animal could not be eaten during Lent.

Why you chose Amherst: I really liked the strong academics and the lack of a core curriculum. Plus, the campus is gorgeous. It just seemed to fit