Alex Durkee

Nickname: Durk

Year of Graduation: 2015

Major: Undeclared, likely related to foreign language(s)

Hometown & School: Acton & Boxborough, MA; Acton-Boxborough Regional

Relevant HS PRs: 400m- 52.0, 600m- 1:24.07, 800m- 2:00, 1000m- 2:45.13

College Events & PR's: Mid-Distance events 400 51.7, 600 1:26.43, 800 1:59.31. 1000 2:43.12, XC 29:43

Accomplishments: Academic All-American

Interests: Foreign languages and historical and functional linguistics, history

Something Random: I've created two languages, several board and card games and can name the capital of any country in the world

Why Amherst: It seemed like the best fit