Amherst Track & Field Gear


Parents and family, alumni, kids on the team, those who will be joining the team in the coming year, or for anyone looking to purchase Amherst Track & Field Gear - tee-shirts, long sleeve shirts, technical shirts, polo's, sweatshirts, fleece jackets, all in a variety of colors, here is your opportunity. We have set up a page and a line of clothing options with an on-line company, Maax Clothing, and hope that this will provide you all with an option to be able to purchase and wear with pride, shirts that show your Amherst TF affiliation!

Please go to this link www.maaxcustom and at the login prompt:


This will get you into the store that we have set up, and you will be able to look through the different options for shirts and colors, and then order the shirts directly from the Maax company

Below are some examples of the clothing options you can select from (they are XC but it is the same idea) - a much greater selection is on the site