Our New Track & Field / Football Stadium

Great shot of the now lined and marked homestretch of our new track!


Aug 7th - The track is lined and now looks like the facility that we have excitedly anticipated. There may be some final markings to be put on as I was not able to get onto the track, but some great pictures of the track and the jumping pits, and how the rest of the facility is coming together. It has been a long time since we have been able to look from one straightaway to the other but it will all be worth it now! The grass will be a final step in the process but can be patient with that certainly!

July 29th - The track is laid and curing, with the lining to get underway within the next week and a slated completion date of August 15th (for the track portion of the project). Field house and pressbox continue to make progress, the walkways have been paved or undergoing the paving and then grass will be going in the dirt areas. Making a lot of progress.

July 15th - The pictures are with my phone so not as clear as some in the past but you can see that the underlayer of the track is now being laid, as well as in the background the field house scaffolding is clear - at least on the top of the house. Another few mm of track surfacing are still to be put down and after settling, then it will be lined.

June 21st - The turf has been laid out entirely now so all looks green except for the purple end zones - numbers and lettering are being put down as you can see by the workers that are on the field. The new shot put circle has been completed at the opposite corner of the hammer cage. Should be a nice viewing perspective as people can watch on the hill as the shot is thrown. The press box is starting to take shape as well - looks more like metal girders at the moment but should come together soon.

June 14th - the turf field is starting to get put down, maybe this would all be green if not for the rain? A good shot of the field house in the background as well as the bricking of the front which is going very quickly on that and soon, there may not be all the metal stansions in front. Aside from the turf getting laid down, not much difference from 2 weeks ago in regards directly to the track - once the turf is all done then the track will be the final thing done.

May 31st - The biggest update is that the track has been paved - 2 layers of different sized crushed stone first, then the paving and after a curing period, the track surface - Beynon 1000 - will get started. The jumping pits have all been laid, and paved and after a similar curing period, they will get finished with the track surface

May 21st - As far as updates and recent additions in the last week or so, things have continued to move quickly. Several of the lights have gone up, the new shot put circle has been laid as well as a new discus circle inside the track, the jumping pits have been poured and laid out, and the final layer of crushed rock has been put on the track surface with the paving part of the process to be done at the end of this week or next week. The seats have been set into their bricked out framing on the visitor side (still working on the homeside and the pressbox) - looks awesome and should be some really good wind buffers as well.

May 9th Photos - Our new Track & Field complex is on track (no pun intended) to be completed by the end of the summer, and it has been amazing to see the transformation from the old facilities to a demolition of them; from grass field and track to mountains of dirt and craters; large varieties of construction vehicles and now, the evolution. The stands are being bricked in and the bottom levels of the track and football fields are being laid as I type. While I wish that I had taken some pictures more often during this process, I want to start updating this weekly with some shots to keep you informed of the process - has been awesome to watch. The new complex will be a remarkable one for the program, and having lights will also provide opportunity for some potential twilight meets, hosting of championship meets at all levels as well as a world class facility to train and compete on! More information about the project can be found on the Amherst Athletics Website Pratt Field Renovation


May 31st Photos

May 21st Photos

May 9th Photos