2012 Men's Cross Country Team Trail Clean-up

On Friday August 31st, the Men's Cross Country team bridged the time gap from grueling early morning workouts and the afternoon sessions of pre-season, and grabbed weed-whackers, axes, chain saw, shears, saws and a "ready to get some work done" mentality and did some incredible trail maintenance on the Emily Dickinson trail running between the Bike path and Groff park. Widening the trails, removing overhanging trails and limbs, clearing out thorns, sawing fallen trails to open up the path, the team put in a full days worth of work to help make the trails more accessible for everyone. In addition to the trails here, a group also went to the end of the bike path and did some great work on the Robert Frost trail - another favorite run of the team which had succumbed to some overgrowth. Senior Eli Howe, who also serves as president of the school's Outing Club and had a summer project this summer working on trails and shelter building in the Mt Toby area of town, was instrumental in organizing and coordinating the efforts of the team.


With the amount of time that the team spends traversing the plethora of trails in the Amherst area, it only seemed right that when some of the trails we regularly run on were in need of a little maintenance and clearing that it could be the team who could make the time to do just that. Recognizing the great efforts of the town of Amherst, and the conservation group as well as the DCR, to have and maintain such incredible natural resources the team wanted to find a way to give back to the community and this was an outstanding way for the men to combine community service, team bonding, and help make the trails a little better. As so many people use all of the town's natural resources for a variety of forms of recreation, it was great to be able to enhance those opportunities for everyone.


Some pictures of the team in action at various points on the trails (though no pictures taken of the end product and the results of the hard work, oops)


Armed with an arsenal of trail clearing equipment, the Men of Amherst College Cross Country strike a post trail work pose

A fallen tree from the October Storm, which has needed to be ducked under for nearly a month is taken care of

A little team work with the saw to take out a tree lying across the trail

getting rid of some of the overhang to widen the trail