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This project aims to apply the new media approach to the traditional mechanics of composing a video narrative. Using digital video shorts as sketches, a progression of still images was selected and modified to create a series of storyboards. Atmospheric video clips were integrated into the flash file to reinforce the poem and its meaning. The result is a new form of digital storytelling that evokes a reaction starkly different from the video alternative. This medium draws on the evolution of the online comic form and extends it into a more expansive art as a result of the digital canvas.

The ongoing web poems/storyboards of Veronica’s Fold are related to the development of a full-length live interactive video and theater piece of the same name that will be presented in different stages in 2007-08. The web forum provides a medium to both explore new media and experiment with ideas that will be incorporated into the live performance piece.

Click here to proceed to the first storyboard; use internal navigation to launch the movie. As this is an ongoing project, various parts are still in progress.


Veronica's fold is optimized for the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari

The following programs were used in the creation of the project:
Final Cut Pro, Flash MX Pro 2004,
Adobe Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver MX 2004

Video was shot onto DV tapes and subsequently digitized.


Written and directed by Wendy Woodson
Created in collaboration with Alexey Sokolin

Visual design and construction:  Alexey Sokolin
Video, stills and text: Wendy Woodson
Music composed by: Mike Vargas
Sound editing: Tony Silva

Produced by Present Company Inc. (in collaboration with SokolinDESIGN) with funding from the Mellon Foundation, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Faculty Research Award Program, Amherst College. All rights reserved.