Thoughts of Amherst publishes the best academic work done by Amherst students. Not just papers, either! We accept creative writing, lab reports, computer programs, visual arts, recordings of performances, or anything else done in any medium for academic credit.


 Borrowing the words of our founding editor, Pat Savage '07, here is how it works:


1) We accept work from any past academic semester.

2) The selection committee reads and votes on submissions without knowing the names of the authors. Anonymity helps ensure the integrity of the selection process and will hopefully encourage more students to submit work for next semester.

3) We maintain the philosophy of minimal editorial interference. We try to avoid editing selections for content or style as much as possible, changing only obvious grammatical mistakes, typos, inconsistencies and a few minor formatting issues. One nice benefit for us is that we have to do less editorial work. More importantly, however, the point of Thoughts of Amherst is to show both the quality and the diversity of student work, and that includes diversity of stylistic approaches.


The best way that we can achieve this goal is for more students to get involved. We would love to have help with editing and magazine production, but you can also get involved with a minimum of work by simply taking a second after you hand in that giant research paper you spent weeks on to simply email it to us at Go ahead, do it right now!