2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Trinity College vs. Amherst College
  Date: 01/24/15 • Site: Amherst, Mass. (LeFrak Gymnasium)

2nd Period Play-by-Play
00:10AMHMFOUL by David George
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
00:13AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Jayde Dawson
  ASSIST by Jaquann Starks
00:21Tcmb1415GOOD! 3 PTR by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 69 - AMHM 54(Tcmb1415 by 15)
00:50AMHMGOOD! LAYUP by Jayde DawsonTcmb1415 66 - AMHM 54(Tcmb1415 by 12)
  ASSIST by Andrew Hurd
01:04Tcmb1415GOOD! LAYUP by Ed OgundekoTcmb1415 66 - AMHM 52(Tcmb1415 by 14)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
01:21AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Connor Green
01:36Tcmb1415GOOD! LAYUP by Jaquann StarksTcmb1415 64 - AMHM 52(Tcmb1415 by 12)
01:46AMHMGOOD! LAYUP by Connor Green (fastbreak)Tcmb1415 62 - AMHM 52(Tcmb1415 by 10)
01:50AMHMSTEAL by Connor Green
01:52Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Hart Gliedman
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
02:43Tcmb1415GOOD! FT SHOT by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 62 - AMHM 50(Tcmb1415 by 12)
02:43Tcmb1415GOOD! FT SHOT by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 61 - AMHM 50(Tcmb1415 by 11)
02:43AMHMFOUL by Ray Barry
  ASSIST by Jacob Nabatoff
02:55AMHMGOOD! LAYUP by Jeff Racy (fastbreak)Tcmb1415 60 - AMHM 50(Tcmb1415 by 10)
03:00AMHMSTEAL by Jacob Nabatoff
03:03Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Chris Turnbull
03:22AMHMGOOD! FT SHOT by Jeff RacyTcmb1415 60 - AMHM 48(Tcmb1415 by 12)
03:22AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Jeff Racy
03:22Tcmb1415FOUL by Ed Ogundeko
03:43Tcmb1415GOOD! JUMPER by Alex ConawayTcmb1415 60 - AMHM 47(Tcmb1415 by 13)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Alex Conaway
03:58AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Jeff Racy
03:58AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Jeff Racy
03:58Tcmb1415FOUL by Chris Turnbull
04:10Tcmb1415GOOD! FT SHOT by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 58 - AMHM 47(Tcmb1415 by 11)
04:10Tcmb1415GOOD! FT SHOT by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 57 - AMHM 47(Tcmb1415 by 10)
04:10AMHMFOUL by Jayde Dawson
04:26Tcmb1415TIMEOUT TEAM
  REBOUND (DEF) by Chris Turnbull
04:35AMHMMISSED LAYUP by Johnny McCarthy
04:39AMHMSTEAL by Johnny McCarthy
04:41Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Rick Naylor
04:48AMHMFOUL by Jeff Racy
05:05AMHMFOUL by Connor Green
05:05AMHMTURNOVR by Connor Green
05:17Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Alex Conaway
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
05:32AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Jayde Dawson
05:32AMHMGOOD! FT SHOT by Jayde DawsonTcmb1415 56 - AMHM 47(Tcmb1415 by 9)
05:32Tcmb1415FOUL by Shay Ajayi
05:49Tcmb1415FOUL by Ed Ogundeko
05:49Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Ed Ogundeko
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
06:18AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Jayde Dawson
06:18Tcmb1415FOUL by Jaquann Starks
06:24Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Ed Ogundeko
  REBOUND (OFF) by Ed Ogundeko
06:30AMHMBLOCK by Jayde Dawson
06:30Tcmb1415MISSED JUMPER by Ed Ogundeko
  REBOUND (DEF) by Chris Turnbull
06:50AMHMMISSED JUMPER by David George
07:08Tcmb1415TURNOVR by Jaquann Starks
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
07:15AMHMMISSED JUMPER by Johnny McCarthy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Johnny McCarthy
07:29Tcmb1415MISSED FT SHOT by Hart Gliedman
07:29Tcmb1415GOOD! FT SHOT by Hart GliedmanTcmb1415 56 - AMHM 46(Tcmb1415 by 10)
07:29AMHMFOUL by Jacob Nabatoff
07:44AMHMGOOD! LAYUP by David GeorgeTcmb1415 55 - AMHM 46(Tcmb1415 by 9)
  REBOUND (OFF) by David George
07:50AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Connor Green
  ASSIST by Hart Gliedman
08:12Tcmb1415GOOD! 3 PTR by Jaquann StarksTcmb1415 55 - AMHM 44(Tcmb1415 by 11)
  ASSIST by Reid Berman
08:30AMHMGOOD! JUMPER by Eric ConklinTcmb1415 52 - AMHM 44(Tcmb1415 by 8)
08:44Tcmb1415GOOD! JUMPER by Jaquann StarksTcmb1415 52 - AMHM 42(Tcmb1415 by 10)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jaquann Starks
09:10AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Jacob Nabatoff
  REBOUND (DEF) by Reid Berman
09:18Tcmb1415MISSED JUMPER by George Papadeas
09:36AMHMGOOD! LAYUP by Reid BermanTcmb1415 50 - AMHM 42(Tcmb1415 by 8)
09:47AMHMTIMEOUT 30sec
10:01Tcmb1415GOOD! LAYUP by Alex ConawayTcmb1415 50 - AMHM 40(Tcmb1415 by 10)
10:19AMHMFOUL by Eric Conklin
10:19AMHMTURNOVR by Eric Conklin
  ASSIST by George Papadeas
10:41Tcmb1415GOOD! 3 PTR by Jaquann StarksTcmb1415 48 - AMHM 40(Tcmb1415 by 8)
  ASSIST by Jeff Racy
10:56AMHMGOOD! JUMPER by Jacob Nabatoff (in the paint)Tcmb1415 45 - AMHM 40(Tcmb1415 by 5)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Eric Conklin
11:06AMHMMISSED JUMPER by Jacob Nabatoff
11:29AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Jeff Racy
11:29AMHMGOOD! FT SHOT by Jeff RacyTcmb1415 45 - AMHM 38(Tcmb1415 by 7)
11:29Tcmb1415FOUL TECHNCL by Shay Ajayi
11:29Tcmb1415FOUL by Shay Ajayi
11:33Tcmb1415GOOD! 3 PTR by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 45 - AMHM 37(Tcmb1415 by 8)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
11:40AMHMMISSED JUMPER by Jayde Dawson
12:06Tcmb1415GOOD! 3 PTR by Andrew HurdTcmb1415 42 - AMHM 37(Tcmb1415 by 5)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Andrew Hurd
12:10Tcmb1415MISSED LAYUP by Ed Ogundeko
12:15Tcmb1415STEAL by Andrew Hurd
12:16AMHMTURNOVR by Johnny McCarthy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Johnny McCarthy
12:22AMHMBLOCK by Connor Green
12:22Tcmb1415MISSED 3 PTR by Rick Naylor
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ed Ogundeko
12:39AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Connor Green
12:48Tcmb1415FOUL by Andrew Hurd
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jayde Dawson
12:52Tcmb1415MISSED LAYUP by Ed Ogundeko
13:08AMHMGOOD! LAYUP by Jayde DawsonTcmb1415 39 - AMHM 37(Tcmb1415 by 2)
13:14Tcmb1415FOUL by Rick Naylor
13:36Tcmb1415GOOD! DUNK by Ed Ogundeko (fastbreak)Tcmb1415 39 - AMHM 35(Tcmb1415 by 4)
13:38Tcmb1415STEAL by Ed Ogundeko
13:41AMHMTURNOVR by Eric Conklin
  REBOUND (OFF) by Eric Conklin
13:58AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Jeff Racy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Eric Conklin
14:06Tcmb1415MISSED LAYUP by Shay Ajayi
14:34Tcmb1415MISSED 3 PTR by Chris Turnbull
  REBOUND (DEF) by Shay Ajayi
15:01AMHMMISSED JUMPER by Johnny McCarthy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Johnny McCarthy
15:25Tcmb1415MISSED JUMPER by Ed Ogundeko
15:32AMHMFOUL by Jacob Nabatoff
15:47AMHMGOOD! JUMPER by Connor Green (in the paint)Tcmb1415 37 - AMHM 35(Tcmb1415 by 2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jacob Nabatoff
16:05AMHMBLOCK by Jacob Nabatoff
16:05Tcmb1415MISSED LAYUP by Alex Conaway
16:12Tcmb1415STEAL by Alex Conaway
16:13AMHMTURNOVR by David George
16:32Tcmb1415MISSED FT SHOT by Rick Naylor
16:32Tcmb1415GOOD! FT SHOT by Rick NaylorTcmb1415 37 - AMHM 33(Tcmb1415 by 4)
16:32AMHMFOUL by Jacob Nabatoff
  REBOUND (DEF) by Andrew Hurd
16:39Tcmb1415BLOCK by George Papadeas
16:39AMHMMISSED LAYUP by Reid Berman
17:03Tcmb1415TURNOVR by George Papadeas
17:20AMHMGOOD! FT SHOT by Reid BermanTcmb1415 36 - AMHM 33(Tcmb1415 by 3)
17:20AMHMMISSED FT SHOT by Reid Berman
17:20Tcmb1415FOUL by Jaquann Starks
17:39Tcmb1415GOOD! LAYUP by Jaquann StarksTcmb1415 36 - AMHM 32(Tcmb1415 by 4)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Rick Naylor
18:04Tcmb1415MISSED LAYUP by Jaquann Starks
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jaquann Starks
18:11AMHMMISSED JUMPER by Connor Green
18:13Tcmb1415FOUL by Jaquann Starks
  REBOUND (DEF) by David George
18:31Tcmb1415MISSED LAYUP by George Papadeas
18:59AMHMGOOD! JUMPER by David GeorgeTcmb1415 34 - AMHM 32(Tcmb1415 by 2)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Johnny McCarthy
19:07AMHMMISSED 3 PTR by Connor Green
19:09Tcmb1415FOUL by Shay Ajayi
  ASSIST by Shay Ajayi
19:28Tcmb1415GOOD! JUMPER by Alex ConawayTcmb1415 34 - AMHM 30(Tcmb1415 by 4)