2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Trinity College vs. Amherst College
  Date: Oct 29, 2014 • Site: Amherst, Mass.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
[60:47]  TCMS14 substitution: Tim Shea for Tucker Hallowell.
 Foul on Trinity College.
 Foul on Amherst College.
[57:51]  TCMS14 substitution: Malcolm Joseph for Mark Perreault.
[57:51]  AMHM substitution: Alden Von Ziegesar for Gabriel Wirz.
[56:24]  TCMS14 substitution: Mike Cooke for Cody Savonen.
[56:24]  AMHM substitution: Kieran Bellew for Nico Pascual-Leone.
[56:24]  TCMS14 substitution: Riley Cassidy for Oliver Murphy.
[56:24]  TCMS14 substitution: Dan O'Neil for Will Gittings.
[56:24]  TCMS14 substitution: Sam Ganeles for Fernando Cuervo torr.
[56:20]  Shot by AMHM Mikey Hoeksema WIDE.
 Foul on Trinity College.
 Corner kick by AMHM Nico Pascual-Leone [54:57].
[54:31]  AMHM substitution: Tommy Haskel for Bryce Ciambella.
[51:05]  Offside against Amherst College.
[50:01]  Shot by TCMS14 Fernando Cuervo torr WIDE.
 Foul on Amherst College.
 *shot high near crossbar, off goalies hands into back of net
Amherst College 4, Trinity College 1
[49:39]  GOAL by AMHM Greg Singer, Assist by Andrew Orozco.
[49:15]  Yellow card on AMHM Nico Pascual-Leone.
[49:15]  Yellow card on TCMS14 Kyle Johnston.
 Foul on Amherst College.
[46:39]  Shot by TCMS14 Cody Savonen, SAVE Thomas Bull.
 Foul on Amherst College.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].