1st Quarter

A1-10A37AMHERST COLLEGE drive start at 00:00 (1st).
Drive: 5 plays, 25 yards, TOP 02:12
T2-10T43Sonny Puzzo pass intercepted by Fairfield-Sonn at the AMH37, Fairfield-Sonn return 0 yards to the AMH37.
T1-10T43Ben Crick rush for no gain to the TCFB201343 (M. Lehrman).
T2-5T34Ben Crick rush for 9 yards to the TCFB201343, 1ST DOWN TCFB2013 (C. Tamasi).
T1-10T29Evan Bunker rush for 5 yards to the TCFB201334 (N. Deane).
T1-10T18Sonny Puzzo rush for 11 yards to the TCFB201329, 1ST DOWN TCFB2013 (Fairfield-Sonn;M. Dietz).
T1-10T18TCFB2013 drive start at 02:12 (1st).
P. Nwosu kickoff 65 yards to the TCFB20130, Darrien Myers return 18 yards to the TCFB201318 (P. Chapman).
Drive: 5 plays, 21 yards, TOP 01:33
Amherst College 3, TCFB2013 0
A4-6T27P. Nwosu field goal attempt from 44 GOOD, clock 02:16.
A3-6T27M. Lippe pass incomplete to N. Kelly.
A2-3T24N. Kelly rush for loss of 3 yards to the TCFB201327 (M. Weatherby).
A1-10T31N. Kelly rush for 7 yards to the TCFB201324 (Brendan Bader).
A1-10T48G. Garay rush for 17 yards to the TCFB201331, 1ST DOWN AMH (Mike Mancini).
A1-10T48AMHERST COLLEGE drive start at 03:49 (1st).
Drive: 3 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 01:46
T4-12T18Kyle Pulek punt 30 yards to the TCFB201348, out-of-bounds.
T3-12T18Sonny Puzzo pass incomplete to Darrien Myers.
T2-12T18Evan Bunker rush for no gain to the TCFB201318 (T. Mordas).
T2-7T23PENALTY TCFB2013 false start (J. Magardino) 5 yards to the TCFB201318.
T1-10T20Sonny Puzzo rush for 3 yards to the TCFB201323 (Fairfield-Sonn).
T1-10T20TCFB2013 drive start at 05:35 (1st).
Drive: 3 plays, 6 yards, TOP 00:46
A4-4A38J. McGonagle punt 42 yards to the TCFB201320, Ben Crick return 0 yards to the TCFB201320 (Fairfield-Sonn).
A3-4A38A. Berluti pass incomplete to J. O'Malley.
A2-4A38A. Berluti pass incomplete to J. O'Malley (Yosa Nosamifan).
A1-10A32A. Berluti rush for 6 yards to the AMH38 (M. Weatherby).
A1-10A32AMHERST COLLEGE drive start at 06:21 (1st).
Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 00:59
T4-5T15Kyle Pulek punt 53 yards to the AMH32, downed.
T3-5T15Sonny Puzzo pass incomplete to Nick Gaynor (L. Lewis).
T2-5T15Sonny Puzzo pass incomplete to Ian Dugger.
T1-10T10Ben Crick rush for 5 yards to the TCFB201315 (B. Sklar).
T1-10T10TCFB2013 drive start at 07:20 (1st).
Drive: 3 plays, minus 10 yards, TOP 01:23
A4-20A45J. McGonagle punt 45 yards to the TCFB201310, fair catch by Andrew Paul.
A4-20A454th and 20.
A3-4T39M. Lippe pass incomplete to R. Thoma, PENALTY AMH intentional grounding (M. Lippe) 16 yards to the AMH45.
A2-8T43K. Adinkra rush for 4 yards to the TCFB201339 (M. Weatherby).
A1-10T45K. Adinkra rush for 2 yards to the TCFB201343 (Tom Haverty).
A1-10T45AMHERST COLLEGE drive start at 08:43 (1st).
Drive: 7 plays, 34 yards, TOP 03:33
T4-8A25Sonny Puzzo pass intercepted by M. Lehrman at the AMH25, M. Lehrman return 30 yards to the TCFB201345 (Sonny Puzzo).
T3-7A24Sonny Puzzo pass complete to A.j. Jones for loss of 1 yard to the AMH25 (C. Tamasi).
T2-6A23Sonny Puzzo pass complete to Evan Bunker for loss of 1 yard to the AMH24 (C. Tamasi).
T1-10A27Evan Bunker rush for 4 yards to the AMH23 (N. Odewade).
T2-4A41Sonny Puzzo rush for 14 yards to the AMH27, 1ST DOWN TCFB2013 (M. Dietz).
T1-10A47Evan Bunker rush for 6 yards to the AMH41 (T. Mordas).
T1-10T41Sonny Puzzo pass complete to Chris Ragone for 12 yards to the AMH47, 1ST DOWN TCFB2013 (L. Lewis;T. Mordas).
T1-10T41TCFB2013 drive start at 12:16 (1st).
Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 01:30
A4-10A12J. McGonagle punt 47 yards to the TCFB201341, downed.
A3-4A18M. Lippe sacked for loss of 6 yards to the AMH12 (Frank Leyva).
A2-5A17M. Lippe pass complete to K. Adinkra for 1 yard to the AMH18 (Frank Leyva).
A1-10A12M. Lippe pass complete to W. McNamara for 5 yards to the AMH17 (Tom Haverty).
A1-10A12AMHERST COLLEGE drive start at 13:46 (1st).
Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 01:14
T4-5T36Kyle Pulek punt 52 yards to the AMH12, downed.
T3-5T36Sonny Puzzo pass incomplete to Ben Crick.
T2-10T31Evan Bunker rush for 5 yards to the TCFB201336 (N. Deane).
T1-10T31Sonny Puzzo pass incomplete to Evan Bunker (L. Lewis).
T1-10T35AMH ball on AMH35, P. Nwosu kickoff 65 yards to the TCFB20130, Darrien Myers return 16 yards to the TCFB201316 (T. Jacobs), PENALTY AMH illegal block (S. Soucy) 15 yards to the TCFB201331, 1st and 10, TCFB2013 ball on TCFB201331.
Amherst wins toss will defer to second half

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