2007 WMBC Features
  • Water Basketball

    Supervised water version of the game during free time in a 3' 10" deep pool. Fun for all while developing shooting techniques

2006 3 0n 3 Town Championship:

Week 1

Alex Brunelle, James Jakobek, Jake Konowitch
Isaac Bass, Jack Schrader, Tyler Peake
Nick Sarfaty-Jackson, Isaac Siegel, Noah Kayser-Hirsch

Week 2

Mike Hotham, Wade McGannon, Brendan Labrie
College-NoHo #2
Jared Murphy, Andrew Sadowski, Charles Frank, Chris Tacy
PAC-10-Red Devils
Jamie Carey, Colby Forbush, Myles Olmstead
  • Referees

    Each session, WMBC brings in one or two certified High School/College referees to speak to the camp on the rules of the game as well as the referee/player relationship. We feel this is very important for players of all ages.