3 Full Gymnasiums

  • 8 Full Courts
  • 22 Baskets: 6 adjustable heights

Swimming Pools

  • Certified Lifeguards will be on duty
  • 4' Pool for Water Basketball games

Locker Room & Shower Facilities

  • Each camper shares a locker for the week

Weight Room/Fitness Center

  • Each camper will be given a session of proper weight room instruction
  • The new fitness center is part of this program

Lunch Room

  • A well balanced daily lunch will be served
  • Seconds and thirds are always welcome

Alumni Gymnasium

2 Film Rooms

  • Daily films follow lunch each day
  • These films vary from basketball instruction to NCAA/NBA Highlights

Insurance & Medical Coverage

  • Insurance coverage is supplied for all campers to supplement family plans
  • A full time certified trainer will be on hand to treat minor sprains, blisters, cuts and bruises and speak to campers on foot care and fitness

Video Analysis

  • Both on individual basis and team basis
  • Each camper will see himself play a game and shoot the ball on video
Baseball Fields
Pratt Pool
cage Lefrak Gymnasium Fitness Center