Tim McLaughlin '07
Photo by Sam Masinter
Senior quad-captain Tim McLaughlin is happy to be back in Salem, VA

Amherst Gives Something Back to Salem

March 15, 2007

Tim McLaughlin on the team's trip to the George Washington-Carver Elementary School:

“I was really excited to go back to the same school that we visited last year, because we had such a good experience. This morning, Dan Wheeler, Dan O’Shea, and myself went into Mrs. Guthrie’s first grade class and sat down to read to the children. The book we shared with the class was I Wanna Iguana, a book about a young boy named Alex who is trying to convince his mom to buy a pet iguana.

After reading to the children, we showed the class where all the teams in the Final Four are from, and gave them tickets to this weekend’s games. The class was very energetic and had tons of questions for us. One young boy asked us if one of the three of us could stay with him. Unfortunately, we had to go. Before we left, we shot around in the gym with the kids, and signed autographs.

It’s so nice of Salem to host this event year after year, so it’s awesome for us to do more than just arrive, play a game and leave. It feels good to get out and give something back to Salem, and get the community excited about the weekend."