Mike Salerno '07
Photo by Sam Masinter
Senior quad-captain Mike Salerno takes a piece of the net one last time as the King of Lord Jeff Nation

Checking in with Mike Salerno

March 15, 2007

Mike Salerno on Thursday night's NCAA Championship Banquet:

“Tonight we joined the NCAA Committee, the three other teams and our family and friends for a banquet at the Salem Civic Center. Everything seems pretty familiar, this being our third time to the same events, however there is still something special about being at a national championship event at any level. Being a Division III program, we don’t get to experience a lot of the glitz and glamour of the DI tournament. I think that everyone putting on this weekend does a great job giving us a taste of the big time.

They show a highlight video of how all the teams make it to the championship weekend, and to be honest it got everyone pretty juiced up. All the coaches and teams selected one player to give a short speech about their impressions of their season, and it was an honor to have my teammates choose me. All of the speakers had some interesting things to say, and gave a reflection of what kind of team they will be bringing to the court tomorrow.

Leaving the Civic Center tonight, every member of the team had an extra skip in their step, because the banquet is really the last formality before we get into our normal game day routine. We can’t wait to get onto the hardwood tomorrow evening and cut it loose.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to Lord Jeff Nation and we know that everyone watching us from Amherst will give us the edge we need tomorrow night."