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Ali Gibbs '05
Junior Ali Gibbs went undefeated in her three matches this weekend.

12th-Ranked Jeffs Open Season with 3-0 Mark at Williams Invitational

January 12, 2004

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA - The Amherst College women’s squash team, ranked 12th in the latest College Squash Association national poll, opened its season with wins over ninth-ranked Bowdoin College, 27th-ranked Smith College and 26th-ranked Connecticut College, at Saturday and Sunday’s Williams College Invitational.

The Jeffs upset the Polar Bears 6-3 on Saturday before sweeping both Smith and Conn. College, 9-0 on Sunday. Amherst’s No. 3, 4 and 5 players, first-year Caroline Shannon (Hanover, NH), junior Ali Gibbs (Greenwich, CT) and first-year Emily O’Brien (New Canaan, CT), went undefeated on the weekend. First-years Abigail Mantica (Sewickley, PA) and Emily Zandy (Hamden, CT), the Jeffs’ No. 7 and 8 players, were also flawless in the three matches.

The Jeffs return to action Friday, Saturday and Sunday as they host the Amherst Invitational.

Williams College Invitational * Sat-Sun, January 10-11, 2004 * Williamstown, MA

1. Niki Clement (Bow.) def. Ashley Harmeling (9-4/4-9/9-1/9-7)
2. Katie Irving (Bow.) def. Liz Martin (9-2/9-6/9-3)
3. Caroline Shannon (Amh.) def. Eileen Schneider (9-5/9-5/5-9/9-4)
4. Ali Gibbs (Amh.) def. Susie Martin (9-2/9-2/9-7)
5. Dodie Press (Bow.) def. Emily O’Brien (9-4/6-9/7-9/9-4/9-6)
6. Emily Stark (Amh.) def. Ann Miller (9-0/9-3/9-0)
7. Abigail Mantica (Amh) def. Lydia Pillsbury (9-2/9-0/9-0)
8. Emily Zandy (Amh.) def. Brooke Nentwig (9-3/9-4/9-0)
9. Tara Kenney (Amh.) def. Margaret Fuller (9-4/9-1/9-8)

1. Ashley Harmeling (Amh.) def. Ashley Kilgore (9-0/9-2/9-6)
2. Liz Martin (Amh.) def. Krittaika Jarupanich (9-5/9-0/9-0)
3. Caroline Shannon (Amh.) def. Jean Lee (9-2/9-3/9-0)
4. Ali Gibbs (Amh.) def. Stacy Metzger (9-8/6-9/9-8/9-0)
5. Emily O’Brien (Amh) def. Mimi Zhang (9-2/9-4/9-0)
6. Emily Stark (Amh) def. Maggie Vinson (9-2/9-2/9-0)
7. Abigail Mantica (Amh.) def. Patricia Lutz (9-0/9-1/9-2)
8. Emily Zandy (Amh.) def. Jennifer Recht (9-1/9-1/9-0)
9. Pam Burkardt (Amh.) def. Rebecca Spalding (9-3//9-2/9-1)

1. Ashley Harmeling (Amh.) def. Anna Bulard (9-0/9-0/9-1)
2. Liz Martin (Amh.) def. Emily Sedlis (9-3/9-0/9-1)
3. Caroline Shannon (Amh.) def. Emily Stieff (9-0/9-5/9-1)
4. Ali Gibbs (Amh.) def. Cynthia Whitman (9-0/9-0/9-1)
5. Emily O’Brien (Amh.) def. Sage Shanley (9-7/9-4/9-0)
6. Emily Stark (Amh.) def. Lucy Arnold (9-1/9-3/9-0)
7. Abigail Mantica (Amh.) def. Allison Read (9-0/9-0/9-1)
8. Emily Zandy (Amh.) victor by default
9. Pam Burkardt (Amh.) victor by default