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Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed for varsity team coaches and athletics administrators. Head coaches are listed by sport. When not specified, both the men's and women's teams have the same head coach. All telephone numbers are 413 542-extension, and all e-mail addresses are the username@amherst.edu. All coaches and administrators can be reached by the same postal address and fax number, listed below.

Amherst College Athletics 413 542-2274
Alumni Gymnasium 413 542-2026 fax
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

SportHead CoachExt.e-mail
Baseball (M) Bill Thurston 2284 wethurston
Basketball (M) David Hixon '75 2069 ddhixon
Basketball (W) Billy McBride 7947 btmcbride
Cross Country Eric Nedeau 8117 elnedeau
Diving Mandy Hixon 2218 aghixon
Field Hockey Chris Paradis 8136 cyparadis
Football E.J. Mills 8197 ejmills
Golf (M) Jack Arena '83 7950 jaarena
Golf (W) Michelle Morgan 2362 mcmorgan
Ice Hockey (M) Jack Arena '83 7950 jaarena
Ice Hockey (W) Kay Cowperthwait 2219 kbcowperthwa
Lacrosse (M) Jim McKeon 2113 jmmckeon
Lacrosse (W) Chris Paradis 8136 cyparadis
Soccer (M) Peter Gooding 2274 pjgooding
Soccer (W) Michelle Morgan 2362 mcmorgan
Softball (W) Sue Everden 7939 sjeverden
Squash (M) Peter Robson 5757 phrobson
Squash (W) Jackie Bagwell 2316 jkbagwell
Swimming "Nick" Nichols 2366 nnichols
Tennis (M) Peter Robson 5757 phrobson
Tennis (W) Jackie Bagwell 2316 jkbagwell
Track Erik Nedeau 8117 elnedeau
Volleyball (W) Sue Everden 7939 sjeverden

Administrative OfficeExt.Website (preceded by http://www.amherst.edu)
Athletic Director
  (Peter Gooding)
Athletics Department Main Office
  Kay Carrier
  Linda Goulet
  Doris Naiman
  Terry Serrell
Sports Information
  (Sarah Lukaska '99)
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For admissions information, please contact the Wilson Admission Center at 413 542-2328. Under NCAA Division III guidelines, Amherst College and other NESCAC institutions do not offer athletic scholarships.