Amherst Wins Third Straight New England Championship

AMHERST, Massachusetts -- Amherst College emerged as the winner of the Division III New England Women's Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament for the third straight year as competition wrapped up this afternoon in Amherst, Massachusetts. Champions of each singles and doubles flight are listed below:

Top 10 Team Finishes:
1. Amherst		42 points
2. Bowdoin		30 points
3. Williams		26 points
4. Trinity		21.5 points
5. Wesleyan		21 points
6. Tufts		18.5 points
7. Smith		17 points
8. Colby		10 points
9. Middlebury		8.5 points
10. Wellesley		8 points

Singles Championships:
1. Katrina Mitchell (Bowdoin) d. Kanta Murali (Smith)
2. Pam Diamond (Amherst) d. Stacia Poulos (Wesleyan)
3. Neely Steinberg (Amherst) d. Sarah Kline (Williams)
4. Amy Gubbins (Bowdoin) d. Daphne King (Williams)
5. Heidi Polsen (Trinity) d. Jill Bazelon (Williams)
6. Carolyn Pastel (Amherst) d. McNabb (Wellesley)

Doubles Championships:
1. Pam Diamond-Neely Steinberg (Amherst) d. Stacia Poulos-Rachel Sigman (Wesleyan)
2. Abiah Folger-Daphne deDominicis (Trinity) d. Lisl Hacker-Amy Gubbins (Bowdoin)
3. Sally Childs-Sam Toerge (Amhrest) d. Jill Bazelon-Daphne King (Williams)

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