Amherst Shuts Out MIT 4-0
for Best Start in Program's History

AMHERST, Massachusetts -- Head Coach Chris Paradis couldn't stop bouncing as she watched her team shut out MIT for the best start in the 23-year history of varsity field hockey at Amherst College. The Jeffs now boast a flawless 7-0 mark, surpassing last year's record-setting six-game win streak to start the season. Amherst is scheduled to meet 4-0 Middlebury at 12:30pm at home on Saturday.

Junior Marnie Huffman-Green (Bethesda, MD) set the Jeffs on their way off an Aleni Pappas (Salem, NJ) feed to score 6:19 into the match. A goal by Sandy Accordino (Closter, NJ) pushed the Amherst lead to 2 at the half. After a 36 minute scoring drought, Alie Stechenberg (Longmeadow, MA) notched her third goal in three games with the help of a pass from rookie Kristen Osborn (Morristown, NJ). Amherst pushed its way into the cage for a fourth tally off the stick of senior Heather Kestner (Wilmington, DE) with 8:36 left to play.

Engineer keeper Melody Epps (Loudenville, NY) posted 13 saves in 64 minutes as the MIT defense warded off 40 shots and 14 penalty corners. MIT falls to 4-2.

MIT (4-2)		0	0 -- 0
Amherst (7-0)		2	2 -- 4

Scoring: 	A Marnie Huffman-Green (Aleni Pappas), 28:41 left in 1st half.
		 A Sandy Accordino, 10:55 left in 1st half.
		 A Alie Stechenberg (Kristen Osborn), 9:39 left in 2nd half.
		 A Heather Kestner, 8:36 left in 2nd half.
Shots: A 40, MIT 7.
Penalty Corners: A 14, MIT 4.
Saves: A Jes Rich 3.  MIT Melody Epps (64 minutes) 13, Jee Bang (4 minutes) 0.

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