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    Coaches for Men's Basketball

    David Hixon (Amherst '75) enters his 23rd season as Amherst's winningest men's basketball coach with a 352-185 career record. After captaining the 1974-75 Lord Jeffs, Hixon was awarded the Hitchcock Fellowship, with which he coached football, basketball and track while earning an M.S. in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts. Hixon is also an assistant coach of the women's soccer team and an assistant athletic director. He and his wife Mandy (Amherst diving coach) have two sons, Matthew, 7, and Michael, 5.

    Ron Buelow (Plymouth State '67) enters his 15th season as an assistant coach of the Lord Jeffs. Coach B, as he is known to the players, is Coach Hixon's "Right-Hand Man" and has been an instrumental part of the Lord Jeffs' success. Buelow was the captain of the Plymouth State baseball team his senior year, and he has taught and coached at Ware High School ever since. His baseball teams are consistently in the state tournament. Coach B now resides in Ware with his wife Jean and his two children, Billy and Jennifer.

    Rey Harp, Jr. (Amherst '97) enters his 7th year with Lord Jeff basketball. Beginning as the team manager and scorekeeper for the 1993-94 NCAA squad, he served as an assistant coach in the 1996-97 campaign. Harp graduated from Amherst in 1997 with a degree in sociology and now teaches in the Northampton School System.

    Michael Grant (Amherst '99) is in his first year with the men's basket-ball program. He holds the prestigious position of the Hitchcock Fellow within the Athletic Department for the 1999-2000 year. Michael also lettered in soccer and baseball at Amherst and will assist in both of those sports as well.