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1/8/11: The course data have been updated. Five College courses are now included as well. For example, social science courses from Hampshire College are listed under H/SS, and math courses from Mt. Holyoke are listed under M/MATH. Submit your evaluations now!

3/3/09: Last two semesters now appear in the database. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1/21/08: Several severe layout bugs pertaining to Internet Explorer 7 and lower have recently been reported. These come from Microsoft's erratic implementation of HTML standards. If you experience layout problems (such as the main panel shrinking unusably small), try using Mozilla Firefox until we have resolved these issues.

1/7/08: Fixed some bugs pertaining to submit form. If you've had trouble submitting evaluations, try resubmitting. If you still can't submit, contact us so we can fix it.

5/9: Added a "What's New" section, changed the color scheme to a darker purple, per the complaints we were getting about the color scheme. Good luck starting classes, and we hope you find Scrutiny helpful in choosing courses!

Welcome to the new Scrutiny! Everything's new, shiny, and rewritten, so be sure to look around and see how you like it. Feel free to drop us a note & tell us what you think (especially if you find something you think isn't working right--bug reports are much appreciated!).

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