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What was new in February 1999

Feb. 23Added Eugene Field's poem Madge: Ye Hoyden.
Feb 22Added four new Eugene Field poems: At Cheyenne, Pittypat and Tippytoe, The Dinkey-Bird, and Chicago Weather.
Feb. 20Updated NESCAC men's basketball page.
Feb. 9Added names of Amherst College class of 1894.
Feb. 7Added names of Amherst College classes of 1849 and 1850.
Feb. 5Added names of Amherst College classes of 1846, 1847. and 1848. Created a new introductory page for the Bio Record (and turned the previous introductory page into the table of contents.)
Feb. 2-4Added seven new Eugene Field poems: The Fire-Hangbird's Nest, Buttercup, Poppy, Forget-me-Not, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (Dutch Lullaby), Hi-Spy, Little Boy Blue, Father's Letter, and Jewish Lullaby.
Feb. 2Added names of Amherst College class of 1845.
Feb. 1Completed the list of A. C. honorary degree recipients who were not alumni. Added names of Amherst College class of 1844. Began an errata sheet for the A. C. Biographical Record. Added three Rupert Brooke poems from his 1914 sonnet sequence: III. The Dead, V. The Soldier, and The Treasure.

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