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What was new in January 1999

Jan. 31Added names of Amherst College classes of 1841, 1842, and 1843. Added bookmarks to Amherst College class of 1925.
Jan. 30Added names of Amherst College class of 1840.
Jan. 29Added names of Amherst College class of 1839.
Jan. 27Finally relented, and changed smart quotes (which only look right for those who use Windows machines) to dumb quotes, everywhere in my website. Added illustrations to Hey Diddle Diddle.
Jan. 26Added names of Amherst College class of 1838. Added bookmarks for each name in what is (so far) complete of the honorary graduates who are not alumni. Added a new RealAudio link to the NESCAC radio stations page (for WHCL 88.7 FM, Hamilton College).
Jan. 25Added names of Amherst College class of 1837. Updated statistics for my website.
Jan. 22Added a new Ann Arbor page (now deleted). Checked the links on my page of Yancos.
Jan. 19-21Added seventeen new Eugene Field poems: De Amicitiis, The Wanderer, Soldier, Maiden, and Flower, Ailsie, My Bairn, The Twenty-third Psalm, The Bibliomaniac's Bride, Christmas Hymn, "Good-by--God Bless You!", Chrystmasse of Olde, Father's Way, To My Mother, A Valentine to My Wife, The Bells of Notre Dame, Lover's Lane, Saint Jo, Old Times, Old Friends, Old Love, Mr. Billings of Louisville, and Poet and King.
Jan. 20Updated the Mother Goose links and Eugene Field links pages.

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