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What was new in December 1998

Dec. 20Added Rupert Brooke's poem Desertion. Added names of Amherst College class of 1836.
Dec. 19On the 1998 NESCAC football page, moved postseason news to its own page. (It was previously at the bottom of the week 8 scores.)
Dec. 18-19Added thirteen new Eugene Field poems: Gold and Love for Dearie, The Peace of Christmas-Time, To a Little Brook, Armenian Lullaby, Christmas Treasures, Oh, Little Child, Ganderfeather's Gift, Bambino, Kissing Time, Jest 'fore Christmas, Beard and Baby, Ashes on the Slide, and Christmas Eve.
Dec. 5Added two Eugene Field poems, Seein' Things and The Cunnin' Little Thing.
Dec. 4Worked on the NESCAC women's basketball page.
Dec. 2Added NESCAC football scores from 1989 and 1988. Worked on NESCAC women's ice hockey page.

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