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What was new in August 1998

Aug. 30

Back from Massachusetts! Added a picture of A. E. Housman. Added my kindergarten picture. Added a link to Paula K. Cobb's new page. Changed other misc. things.

Aug. 25

Redid buttons, and added two new pages, one for Places (e.g., Ann Arbor, Amherst) and one for Sports (e.g., NESCAC football). Killed the "Work" page for now. Redid navigation bar and page logos throughout site to accomodate a bug in Internet Explorer, which browser I now loathe. Redid the A. E. Housman page to work like an expandible outline, as the Rupert Brooke and Eugene Field pages do. Dropped the literature-by-title page. Added some Eugene Field links.

Aug. 15

Added thirteen poems by Rupert Brooke, completing what's shown in the book for 1905-1908. Added a photo of Henry Bindbeutel II and H. B. III in Onset, circa 1926, that I received from John Bindbeutel. Off to Massachusetts on vacation.

Aug. 14

Added poems from Housman's A Shropshire Lad: the 11 poems between 27 and 37. Finished adding bios for Amherst College class of 1824.

Aug. 13

Added three new Eugene Field poems: To Mary Field French, Prof. Vere de Blaw, Our Lady of the Mine. Changed font throughout site (almost) to 14 point Ariel, from 14 point Times New Roman --- also changed the "by X" lines to boldface Ariel, from Ariel Black.

Aug. 12

Typed in the names of all of Eugene Field's poems. Redid the Rupert Brooke page and Eugene Field page to work more like expandible outlines, because there were too many poems listed, on one screen, for each. Finally finished off the Mother Goose rhymes. Added Eugene Field's "The Conversazzhyony". Updated the Literature-by-title page a bit.

Aug. 11

Added to the A. C. Bio Record classes of 1824, 1825, and 1832; also added to the list of honorary degree recipients. Added a Eugene Field poem, two Rupert Brooke poems, an E. B. Browning poem, and a few more Mother Goose rhymes.

Aug. 10

Broke the "Rick's paternal family" page into three pages, one for Bindbeutel, one for Schlosky, one for Yanco. (Also kept the original page as an "all" page.) Added an R. C. Brooke poem.

Aug. 9

Added a poem from E. B. Browning and a poem from R. C. Brooke. Added six photographs to "Rick's paternal family" plus two hand-colored photographs, one of John Ruzanski and one of Elvera and Selma Bindbeutel.

Aug. 8

Overhauled the clipart page.

Aug. 7

Added a few more Mother Goose rhymes (almost done). Added a poem by Housman. Drew a pair of scissors for the clipart page. Created a picture of books for the literature page.

Aug. 6

Added a Eugene Field page, and one whole poem. Added more Mother Goose rhymes. Redid a few graphics. Finally wrote something on my copyright page. Added another Eugene Field poem. Added links from authors' names to their respective pages. Added a Smrecany page!

Aug. 5

Added seven more Mother Goose rhymes, and one poem each from Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Rupert Brooke. Added some links to the People page.

Aug. 4

Added ten more Mother Goose rhymes. Also added a picture of the Bindbeutel clan circa 1942 and a picture of the Yanco-Bindbeutel wedding. Added a letter from Rupert Brooke to Edward Marsh. Added a list of Brooke's poems, and typed the first one in. Noticed that WebExpress doesn't "do" smartquotes automatically, and redid as many dumbquotes as I could find.

Aug. 3

Added more Mother Goose rhymes. Added a photo of my great-great-grandmother Selma Schlosky and a photo of Danielle with her great-grandmother. Added some honorary degree recipients to the Amherst College Biographical Record. Added a page for E. B. Browning, and one whole poem!

Aug. 2

Added 5 more poems from Housman. Added list of Mother Goose rhymes, and entered eight of them. Changed font throughout site from 12 pt. to 14 pt. Began working on Amherst College Biographical Record, entering a list of abbreviations, plus information about the classes of 1822, 1823, and 1925.

Aug. 1

Added list of poems from Housman's A Shropshire Lad, plus 20 poems from the book. Also made quite a few changes to graphics (added some, renamed or moved others), removed boldface from page titles, etc.

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