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NESCAC conference news

March 1999

Middlebury women's hockey wins fourth straight ECAC championship (Middlebury College Campus, 10 Mar 1999)

Trinity men's squash captures national Division I title (Trinity College Tripod, 9 Mar 1999)

Williams women's squash captures national Division II title (William College Record, 9 Mar 1999)

February 1999

Trinity captures national title in men's squash (Trinity College, 28 Feb 1999)

Middlebury hockey to sit out ECAC tournament (Middlebury College, 21 Feb 1999)

Middlebury to be featured on NESN (Middlebury College, 2 Feb 1999)

December 1998

NESCAC debate rages on (Wesleyan University Argus, 11 Dec 1998)

If you let me play... (Amherst College Student, 2 Dec 1998)

A college divided: athletics and Amherst (Amherst College Student, 2 Dec 1998)

November 1998

Cardinals slice and dice the NESCAC (Wesleyan University Arrrgus, "31" Nov 1998)

Middlebury athletics featured in Sports Illustrated (Middlebury College, 30 Nov 1998)

NESCAC schools circulate proposal (Wesleyan University Argus, 24 Nov 1998)

NESCAC student leaders meet at Amherst to oppose decision (Tufts University Daily, 23 Nov 1998)

NESCAC meeting hopes to change playoff format (Hamilton College Spectator, 20 Nov 1998)

NESCAC forum raises diversity, alcohol issues (Amherst College Student, 18 Nov 1998)

Student leaders convene to discuss NESCAC college athletics (Middlebury College Campus, 18 Nov 1998)

NESCAC schools band together to create forum (Williams College Record, 17 Nov 1998)

Decision reached in NESCAC debates, post-season play limited to one team (Bates College Student, 13 Nov 1998)

October 1998

Dissatisfaction with NESCAC decision (Connecticut College Voice, 23 Oct 1998)

College presidents: 1, Student-Athletes: 0 (Amherst College Student, 7 Oct 1998)

May 1998

Forum discusses general NESCAC dissatisfaction (Williams College Record, 5 May 1998)

April 1998

NESCAC conference strengthened (Hamilton College, 27 Apr 1998)

NESCAC presidents adopt new mission statement (Connecticut College, 23 Apr 1998)

NESCAC cuts tourney teams (Berkshire Eagle, 24 Apr 1998)

December 1997

Statement of the presidents of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (Bates College, 17 Dec 1997)

September 1997

Williams should be considering options (Williams College Record, 30 Sep 1997)

Future uncertain for NCAA post-season play (Williams College Record, 23 Sep 1997)


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