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Yancos in the world

Well, if you care, my surname is Slovak, and in Slovak it is spelled Janco, with a hachek over the c. English variants of the name include Yanco, Yancho, Janco, and Jancho (all of which exist in the U.S., particularly Janco).

There is a town in New South Wales, Australia named Yanco. It has an agricultural institute. I know that I have Yanco cousins in New South Wales, but I have no idea if they have anything to do with the name of the town.

Henry Lawson wrote a poem called A Song of Yanco, which I imagine is about Yanco, NSW, Australia. (That link is just to a list of his poems; the poem isn't online.) There's also an Australian folk song called Lazy Harry's, which mentions the Yanco, ostensibly a river.

There was a movie named Yanco. I have never seen it.

There was a movie named Uncle Yanco. I haven't seen it, either.

There is a Yanco Street in Beirut, Lebanon.

There is a Brazilian computer hardware firm named Yanco.

My father's consulting firm has Yanco in its name. His web site gets a lot of hits from people looking for the Brazilian hardware firm.

My sister still goes by her maiden name.

Jennifer Yanco is my dad's cousin.

There's a second group of Yancos in New England, originally, I believe, from Odessa. Christine Yanco married into that group. She's a teacher and (if the Boston Globe and this website are any indication) she likes worms. Pamela Yanco married into that group too. I'm pretty sure Glen Yanco is in that group as well, but don't quote me.

I have no idea who Kim Yanco is, but she seems to be a gymnast at Towson State.

A Javier Yanco finished 234th in the 1998 Los Angeles Marathon.

A company named Yanco Industries Ltd. sells ozone machines. Beats me. (Maybe they should install a few million of those babies down near the South Pole.)

A company called Yanco Enterprises is selling "Titanic jewelry." Anything to make a buck... (Sometimes I get the feeling that my surname ending in "co" makes it too easy for people or companies named "Yan" to usurp it for commercial purposes.)

There is a Yanco Engineering Co. in... South El Monte, California, I guess.

I've had enough of search engines for one day.


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