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To My Mother
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

How fair you are, my mother!
   Ah, though 'tis many a year
   Since you were here,
Still do I see your beauteous face,
   And with the glow
Of your dark eyes cometh a grace
   Of long ago.
So gentle, too, my mother!
   Just as of old, upon my brow,
   Like benedictions now,
Falleth your dear hand's touch;
   And still, as then,
A voice that glads me overmuch
   Cometh again,
My fair and gentle mother!
How you have loved me, mother,
   I have not power to tell,
   Knowing full well
That even in the rest above
   It is your will
To watch and guard me with your love,
   Loving me still.
And, as of old, my mother,
   I am content to be a child,
   By mother's love beguiled
From all these other charms;
   So to the last
Within thy dear, protecting arms
   Hold thou me fast,
My guardian angel, mother!


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