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The Twenty-third Psalm
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

My Shepherd is the Lord my God,---
   There is no want I know;
His flock He leads in verdant meads,
   Where tranquil waters flow.

He doth restore my fainting soul
   With His divine caress,
And, when I stray, He points the way
   To paths of righteousness.

Yea, though I walk the vale of death,
   What evil shall I fear?
Thy staff and rod are mine, O God,
   And Thou, my Shepherd, near!

Mine enemies behold the feast
   Which my dear Lord hath spread;
And, lo! my cup He filleth up,
   With oil anoints my head!

Goodness and mercy shall be mine
   Unto my dying day;
Then will I bide at His dear side
   Forever and for aye!


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