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Old Times, Old Friends, Old Love
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

There are no days like the good old days,---
   The days when we were youthful!
When humankind were pure of mind,
   And speech and deeds were truthful;
Before a love for sordid gold
   Became man's ruling passion,
And before each dame and maid became
   Slave to the tyrant fashion!

There are no girls like the good old girls,---
   Against the world I 'd stake 'em!
As buxom and smart and clean of heart
   As the Lord knew how to make 'em!
They were rich in spirit and common-sense,
   And piety all supportin';
They could bake and brew, and had taught school, too,
   And they made such likely courtin'!

There are no boys like the good old boys,---
   When we were boys together!
When the grass was sweet to the brown bare feet
   That dimpled the laughing heather;
When the pewee sung to the summer dawn
   Of the bee in the billowy clover,
Or down by the mill the whip-poor-will
   Echoed his night song over.

There is no love like the good old love,---
   The love that mother gave us!
We are old, old men, yet we pine again
   For that precious grace,---God save us!
So we dream and dream of the good old times,
   And our hearts grow tenderer, fonder,
As those dear old dreams bring soothing gleams
   Of heaven away off yonder.


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