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Christmas Hymn
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

               Sing, Christmas bells!
Say to the earth this is the morn
Whereon our Saviour-King is born;
   Sing to all men,---the bond, the free,
The rich, the poor, the high, the low,
   The little child that sports in glee,
The aged folk that tottering go,---
               Proclaim the morn
               That Christ is born,
That saveth them and saveth me!

               Sing, angel host!
Sing of the star that God has placed
Above the manger in the east;
   Sing of the glories of the night,
The virgin's sweet humility,
   The Babe with kingly robes bedight,---
Sing to all men where'er they be
               This Christmas morn;
               For Christ is born,
That saveth them and saveth me!

               Sing, sons of earth!
O ransomed seed of Adam, sing!
God liveth, and we have a king!
   The curse is gone, the bond are free,---
By Bethlehem's star that brightly beamed,
   By all the heavenly signs that be,
We know that Israel is redeemed;
               That on this morn
               The Christ is born
   That saveth you and saveth me!

               Sing, O my heart!
Sing thou in rapture this dear morn
Whereon the blessed Prince is born!
   And as thy songs shall be of love,
So let my deeds be charity,---
   By the dear Lord that reigns above,
By Him that died upon the tree,
               By this fair morn
               Whereon is born
   The Christ that saveth all and me!


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