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Catallus to Lesbia
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

Come, my Lesbia, no repining:
   Let us love while yet we may!
Suns go on forever shining;
   But when we have had our day,
Sleep perpetual shall o'ertake us,
And no morrow's dawn awake us.

Come, in yonder nook reclining,
   Where the honeysuckle climbs,
Let us mock at Fate's designing,
   Let us kiss a thousand times!
And if they shall prove too few, dear,
When they 're kissed we 'll start anew, dear!

And should any chance to see us,
   Goodness! how they 'll agonize!
How they 'll wish that they could be us,
   Kissing in such liberal wise!
Never mind their envious whining;
Come, my Lesbia, no repining!


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