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Ganderfeather's Gift
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

I was just a little thing
   When a fairy came and kissed me;
Floating in upon the light
Of a haunted summer night,
Lo, the fairies came to sing
Pretty slumber songs and bring
   Certain boons that else had missed me.
From a dream I turned to see
What those strangers brought for me,
   When that fairy up and kissed me---
   Here, upon this cheek, he kissed me!

Simmerdew was there, but she
   Did not like me altogether;
Daisybright and Turtledove,
Pilfercurds and Honeylove,
Thistleblow and Amberglee
On that gleaming, ghostly sea
   Floated from the misty heather,
And around my trundle-bed
Frisked, and looked, and whispering said---
   Solemnlike and all together:
   "You shall kiss him, Ganderfeather!"

Ganderfeather kissed me then---
   Ganderfeather, quaint and merry!
No attenuate sprite was he,
---But as buxom as could be;---
Kissed me twice, and once again,
And the others shouted when
   On my cheek uprose a berry
Somewhat like a mole, mayhap,
But the kiss-mark of that chap
   Ganderfeather, passing merry---
   Humorsome, but kindly, very!

I was just a tiny thing
    When the prankish Ganderfeather
Brought this curious gift to me
With his fairy kisses three;
Yet with honest pride I sing
That same gift he chose to bring
   Out of yonder haunted heather.
Other charms and friendships fly---
Constant friends this mole and I,
   Who have been so long together.
   Thank you, little Ganderfeather!


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