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Schlosky photographs

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[Schlosky family, circa 1889]

Schlosky family, circa 1889.

[Selma Schlosky, circa 1905]

Selma Schlosky, circa 1905.

Invitation to the Bindbeutel-Schlosky wedding, 1913.

[Bindbeutel-Schlosky wedding, 1913]

Bindbeutel-Schlosky wedding, 1913.

Elvera Bindbeutel and Selma Bindbeutel, circa 1919. (Ted Turner's version)

Henry Bindbeutel II and Henry Bindbeutel III, circa 1926, in Onset, Massachusetts.

[Krueger-Bindbeutel wedding]

Krueger-Bindbeutel wedding, 1938.

Yanco-Bindbeutel wedding, 1939.

[Henry and Selma Bindbeutel, circa 1940]

Henry and Selma (Schlosky) Bindbeutel, circa 1940.

[Selma (Menzel) Schlosky, circa 1940]

Selma (Menzel) Schlosky, circa 1940.

[Four Yanco sons, 1942]

Four Yanco sons, 1942.

[Yanco family, 1942]

Yanco family, 1942.

[Bindbeutel family, circa 1942]

Bindbeutel family, circa 1942.

[Bindbeutel-Brauneis wedding, 1947]

Bindbeutel-Brauneis wedding, 1947.


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